The Roaches fell race result

Race Date: Sunday 13th November 2016

Anyone who likes 9 Edges or Grindleford Gallop should like this one. It’s almost an hour to drive there but it is worthy of the effort. This year, a car full of Striders made the journey across to Meerbrook for the race.

This race is what you expect from a fell race: mud, bog, slurry, river crossings, hills and perfect weather. It was a gorgeous day, clear skies, a chill in the air and perfect views.

A 15 mile out and back course with a climb up to the Roaches once you’ve negotiated 6 inches of slurry through the farm yard and the ankle breaking boggy farmers field. Along the Roaches, through the woods, a river crossing, through some more fields and then ‘the climb!’. Straight up Shutlingsloe.

To quote Wiki:

Shutlingsloe is a steep-sided hill with a distinctive profile,[1] sometimes described as the ‘Matterhorn of Cheshire’, it is the third highest peak in the county with an elevation of 506 m (1,660 ft), and commands excellent views over Cheshire’

Just to clarify, we ran (well walked) all the way to the top, to turn round and run (definitely run) straight back down again with no time to admire ‘the excellent views over Cheshire’ then retrace our steps all the way back to the beginning, and yes back through the 6 inches of slurry just before the end. Oh how I concentrated on my footfall through the farmyard, not a place to slip and fall!!

Overall, a great fell race and one that I would encourage lovers of true fell running to have a go at. 15 miles for the princely sum of £6. What could be better?

The race was won by Jack Ross of Staffordshire Moorlands AC in 2.08.26. The first woman was Mary Gillig of Clwydian Range in 2.45.10.

Striders Results:

Pos Name Cat Time
40 Simon Bayliss MV 50 2.42.19
67 Andy Buck MV 55 2.52.15
76 Nick Burns MV 45 2.53.43
127 James Fletcher M Sen 3.11.31

Full results: here



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