Road Race Championship – Final Update

Here is the final update of Striders Road Race Championship for 2016.

Barnsley 10k being the final points added.

What a staggering year for the championship with a record 242 different Striders members taking part. That’s almost 10% more Striders taking part compared to last year’s 221. Amazing growth in a single year.

The spreadsheet to calculate the results has taken a lot of work, but thankfully we now have a simple system for updating into next year. So even if there are 500 participants next year, we’re ready for you!

Note: Full details regarding this years championship including the scoring system and all the fixtures can be found on the dedicated Striders Road Race Championship page.  Basically, it’s your best 5 scores of the season with the addition of 10 bonus points for every race you attend.

Top 2 in each category win a prize at the end of the season (as long as they have ran in at least 5 of the 10 races).

Top Senior Women

Position Name Points
1 Jennifer RICH 531.2
2 Laura Fletcher 457.4
3 Emma BEER 416.9
4 Nicola Ross 380.1
5 Emma Portus 355.5

Jen put in a storming performance this year in the Road Race Championship. Highlights will include winning Norton 9 as well as scoring over 90 points in 5 of her 6 races. Laura put up a great fight throughout, and picked up 20 extra bonus points by competing in a couple of extra races, but this category was decided early on in the year.

Top Senior Men

Position Name Points
1 Phil Skelton 549.9
2 James ROSE 511.9
3 Sam NEEDHAM 502.0
4 James OGDEN 491.1
5 Jorge BRONZE 490.9

Like the senior women’s category, the winner of this category was never in doubt. Although he missed the first two races, giving the impression that this could have been a close category, Phil went on to score 96, 90, 95, 100, 91, 91 and 98 meaning that any possible combination of his best 5 performances would have won the category. The rest of the top 5 probably didn’t race enough to really be in with any chance of catching Phil apart from James Ogden, who gets a special mention for competing in every race in the championship.

Top V40 Women

Position Name Points
1 Catherine Mckeown 463.2
2 Jo Carnie 456.9
3 Zoe Dickinson 368.4
4 Caroline Welton 254.8
5 Helen Keating 247.8

Last year, a newcomer, this year a defending champion. Well done to Catherine McKeown who successfully defended her title in amongst some steely completion from Jo Carnie. Catherine was helped by competing in 8 of possible 9 races meaning that the extra 20 bonus points she gained over Jo saw her over the line. Jo missed out on the title by less than 10 points so this is a category to watch out for next time around.

Top V40 Men

Position Name Points
1 Michael RICHARDSON 503.5
2 Steve IRVINE 479.1
3 Adam Mcauley 466.7
4 Peter Webber 464.9
5 Paul STUART 456.0

Neither of last year’s top 2 put up much of a battle in this category, but that’s not to say it wasn’t just as close. Less than 50 points separate the top 5 and no less than 9 people in total scored over 400 points. Michael not only won by being quick in the category, but guaranteed his success by picking up all available bonus points by running in all 9 races. Steve consistently racked up points to keep the heat up on the leader and most of the races were pretty close, but the extra bonus points for Michael saw that he guaranteed the win.

Top V50 Women

Position Name Points
1 Stephanie Street 339.4
3 Alison Hilton 78.3
4 Philippa Penman 76.9
5 Kate Kelly 71.8

Stephanie Street was untouchable last year and it looked like it might be a similar story again this year. However noone in this category ran the required number of races to be eligible for a prize and hence the title for V50 Women goes unclaimed.

Top V50 Men

Position Name Points
1 Richard Pegg 447.6
2 Darren MAHER 438.4
3 John Maples 434.0
4 Andrew Woffindin 395.4
5 Richard Garton 342.2

It’s been a good month for Mr Pegg. A squash lesson with the world champion and a win in the fiercely competitive V50 Men’s category. John Maples (8 races) couldn’t quite do enough to catch Darren Maher (7 races) who consistently pushed Peggy all the way.

Top V60 Women

Position Name Points
1 Carol BEATTIE 422.5
2 Nicole NIELD 300.1
3 Mary Craig 82.0
4 Fionuala creagh 71.4

Carol defended her title comfortably this year. Not only was she strong in every race she competed in, she was also the only person to compete in the 5 required races. Will any of the other V60 women step up to challenge her next year?

Top V60 Men

Position Name Points
1 Graham HAGUE 465.6
2 David HEWITT 380.6
3 Graham NIELD 228.3
4 Richard Binks 205.4
5 Bob Pringle 76.9

Mr Club Record improved his performance this year by a staggering 26 points, giving himself another unassailable lead in this category. David Hewitt did very well to compete by racing 5 races and doing well in all, but Graham ran every race available and was usually first in age category. A great performance by both men!

You can view the full details, all the calculations and how everyone is scoring (not just the top scorers listed above) by looking at the online spreadsheet.  Please be sure to take a look and confirm your own times and categories etc as these are copied directly from the race results.

Any queries or discrepancies with either the Road or the Fell Championship scoring, please contact us via ‘Website Issues’ on the website Contact Form or reply to the post that will go up for this update on the Striders Facebook group.

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