The Three Lakes Classic

Race Date: Saturday 18th June 2016

The Three Lakes Classic is a scenic mixed terrain trail race organised by the Killamarsh Kestrels, so called due to the three lakes it goes around. It is just under 15 miles long, with nearly 600 feet of ascent.

The conditions over the previous few days meant the course was very muddy in places, making it especially tricky at times for anyone wearing road shoes – particularly in the wooded areas.

245 runners finished the race and were rewarded with tea and cake galore at the end. 26 were Striders. Particular mention and congratulations to Rio Cooper, who was the winning lady in a time of 1:53:54, and to Robert Foster, who was the third placed male. The winner was Nick Sparks of Hallamshire Harriers, in a time of 1:33:23.

Dave Palmer (Now a second claim Strider) ran as a Hallamshire Harrier and came second overall with a time of 1:35:36. Dave Perkins ran as a Killamarsh Kestrel (Second claim) on his birthday and got a time of 1:55:10.

Striders raring to go:


Here are the Striders results:

Pos Name Cat Time
3 Robert Foster M 01:36:39
9 Benjamin Jones M 01:41:38
12 Sam Needham M 01:44:52
13 Simon Bennet MV 01:45:27
16 Jorge Bronze M 01:46:56
24 Steve Clarke M 01:50:01
25 Andy Buck MV 01:50:12
37 Rio Cooper F 01:53:54
43 Phil Howson MV 01:55:43
48 Edward Startup M 01:56:34
58 Gareth Evans M 01:59:06
64 Adam McAuley MV 02:01:50
73 Peter Brown MV 02:03:31
75 Rob Adams MV 02:03:44
94 Roger Watson MV 02:08:25
103 Helen Calder FV 02:12:18
105 Adrian Moss MV 02:12:33
110 David Tucker MV 02:14:10
123 Alex Arblaster M 02:17:08
133 Stuart jones MV 02:18:52
152 David Hewitt MV 02:22:54
159 Liam Russell M 02:24:37
175 Amy Housley F 02:28:48
176 Naomi Rabin F 02:28:53
200 Blane Quigley MV 02:39:16
218 Emma Beer F 02:43:06

Full results available here:


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