Tigger Tor 2016

Race Date: 31/1/16

Cold, slushy, wet, muddy, foggy, energy sapping, slippy. All words that in no particular order can be used to describe this morning’s Tigger Tor. 342 hardy souls finished the (nearly) 10 mile race, with 3 not finishing and 1 disqualification – fortunately not Strider related.

First finisher was Steve Franklin of Totley A.C. in a time of 01:16:14. First lady over the line was Rachael Lindgren in 01:32:24. She runs for the snappily named U.O.S. Athletics & X.C. Club.

The foggy conditions made it tough to navigate at times, especially if you lost touch with other runners around you. Nick Burns knows this first hand – he took a wrong turn, which meant Joe Buckman beat him. The copious amounts of mud made for some comparatively slow times.

Alasdair Menmuir celebrated becoming a dad for the second time by convincingly finishing as 1st Strider – 10 minutes quicker than last year. He put the likes of me & Alastair Lawson firmly in our places. A brilliant performance, well done Alasdair!  Andy Green managed to start (and finish!) despite copious partying the night before. Anyone would think he had something to celebrate.

Seasoned fell runner Alasdair politely waiting for me to get out of his way, before we dropped off the first edge…

tigger tor

(Photo taken by Andy Buck)

There was also a teams competition. I’ll get into that after the individual results:

21 Striders took part in the end (Who put the club down on their entries, anyway). Perhaps some were put off by the cold and the rain!

P Name Cat Time
24 Alasdair Menmuir M 01:26:45
34 Alastair Lawson M40 01:30:05
50 Sam Needham M 01:33:22
60 Gareth Hague M 01:37:30
71 Michael Timm M40 01:38:47
73 Paul Vincent Stuart M40 01:39:44
78 Michael Slater M40 01:40:38
88 Trevor Watson M50 01:41:38
99 Joseph Buckman M 01:42:19
104 Nick Burns M40 01:43:24
109 Steve Haake M50 01:43:58
115 James Fletcher M 01:44:51
155 Ben Heller M50 01:48:22
156 Dean Young M40 01:48:31
164 Michael Squires M40 01:49:56
176 Phil Howson M40 01:53:10
191 Jimmy Sharman M 01:56:51
198 Helen Calder W40 02:00:02
236 Jenny Lingrell W40 02:04:46
239 Andy Green M40 02:05:27
316 Matthew Zawadzki M40 02:15:53

Now for the teams competition.

The winning mens team consisted of Steve Franklin, Ollie Hart and Bart Shaw (Totley A.C.) in a combined time of 03:55:41. There were 45 mens teams in all.

The winning womens team consisted of Caz Kay, Penny Saddle, Jo Brown (Totley A.C.) in a combined time of 05:13:04. There were 11 womens teams. Unfortunately Helen Calder and Jenny Lingrell didn’t qualify. There had to be multiple of 3 for a team to count as such. Hopefully more Striders women will take part next year!

Here’s the Striders mens table:

P Team Total Time
6 Alasdair Menmuir Alastair Lawson Sam Needham 04:30:12
13 Gareth Hague Michael Timm Paul Vincent Stuart 04:56:01
17 Michael Slater Trevor Watson Joseph Buckman 05:04:35
23 Nick Burns Steve Haake James Fletcher 05:12:13
29 Ben Heller Dean Young Michael Squires 05:26:49
34 Phil Howson Jimmy Sharman Andy Green 05:55:28

Full results available at: http://www.totleyac.org.uk/2016Series/Tigger_teamsr.htm

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