Burbage Skyline Result

Race Date: 1st Aug

As seems often to be the case for summer evening fell races, having bucketed down for much of the day, the skies had cleared in time for the race. However the wet conditions and the moving of this race from May to August made it an even harder proposition than usual – the bracken was nearly as high as an elephant’s eye which made overtaking very difficult and also hid some impressively large rocks and much of a tree during “the plummet” descent – see photo later. However the race was very well marshalled with the major hazards being pointed out (though Rob Davies still managed to sustain a fairly impressive injury).

216 runners took part including 19 striders (one of whom, Naomi was celebrating her birthday – and what better way to spend it?)

First man home was Josh Williams from the host club, Dark Peak, in 41.49 whilst our very own Caroline Brock continued her winning ways, being the fastest lady in 50.47 and almost a minute ahead of the next lady!

Strider’s results:

P Name Cat Time
19 James Rose MSEN 00:47:48
29 Luke Desforges M40 00:50:27
32 Caroline Brock WSEN 00:50:47
38 James Garner MSEN 00:51:50
53 Paul Stuart M50 00:53:57
59 Michael Slater M50 00:54:18
61 Vincent Baker MSEN 00:54:52
67 Michael Squires M40 00:55:34
68 James Norton M40 00:55:40
72 Rob Davies M50 00:56:01
85 Russell James Stevenson M40 00:57:48
95 Mark Platton M50 00:58:40
97 David Beec MSEN 00:59:02
100 Michael Timm M50 00:59:13
101 Rebecca Shutt WSEN 00:59:22
110 Neal Pates M50 00:59:58
131 Richard Sayers MSEN 01:03:10
148 Heather Wallis WSEN 01:06:20
161 Sophie Hornsby WSEN 01:08:58
165 Jill Davies W50 01:10:11
181 Naomi Rabin WSEN 01:13:32
143 Tom Nuttgens M50 01:05:55
216 Richard Garton M50 01:39:13

Full results: here

Photo: Joe Buckman

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