Chatsworth Vitality Move 10k

Event Date 09 July 2017

Jessica Ennis-Hill’s bandwagon rolled into Chatsworth with what was billed as a Running Festival with not one, but two 10k races, a 5k and the Music Mile. Other events included Netball, Hockey, Go Ape Segways plus Daley Thompson’s Athletics Academy. Entry was £28 plus £5 for parking whilst T-shirts are extra too (ouch) although some Striders had Parkrun discount codes which got them free places. Children were free.

The course itself was a one lap tour of Chatsworth, all off road (grass and hard paths) and inevitably involved some climbing so not easy. The 10k races were intended to go off in different ‘waves’ although one Strider commented that she “wasn’t sure what happened with the waves. I thought it was a mass start and went off with what I later found was the first wave of four. It wasn’t explained well.” Other Striders had similar problems although with the music there were smiles all around and everybody seemed to enjoy themslves including the children who got a medal for their Music Mile. It is suspected though that some would have found the razzamataz unbearable.

Gillian Burgon in her first post baby run speeding towards the Rock Star Finish

The way the results are presented on the website says a lot too: no club details whilst the two races, actually two hours apart, are all muddled up with each other. This is nonsense, for example Matt Rimmer appears as fifth overall but was actually second in the 11:00 race. An attempt has been made to sort the results between the two races. Please message me if you’re missing as without club details in the results my chances of getting everyone are minimal. There were a total of 970 finishers in the two 10k races nineteen of which were Striders at the last count. Some Striders reported issues with the chip timing.

11:00 Race
Pos Name Cat Time
2 Matt Rimmer M40 40.28
9 Doug Banks SM 41.30
16 David Perkins M40 42.37
74 Jude Stone SM 48.45
80 Adrian Moss M50 49.02
82 Simone Young-Alls SF 49.05
87 John Marples M50 49.28
196 John Walker M50 55.06
197 Charlotte Givico SF 55.10
229 Gillian Burgon SF 56.52
295 Simon Gleadhall M50 58.39
356 Emma Beer SF 61.13
361 Kate Kelly F50 61.20
408 Neal Teather M40 63.08
411 Sallyann Bingham F40 63.24
652 Caroline Woods-Peel F40 73.40
13:00 Race
Pos Name Cat Time
19 Sam Ainscough SM 50.26
36 Chris Heggs M40 54.53
105 Heidi Hargreaves SF 63.51

Race Results: Vitality Move Chatsworth 10k

Jess, on hand for chat and selfies

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