Curbar Commotion fell race result

Race Date: Saturday 7th October 2017

A piece of advice to everyone. Don’t run a fell race after being stuck with Typhoid, Tetenus, Polio and Diptherea the day before. Throw in Springvale Spirals, beer and curry the night before and this was never going to be a good experience. Almost my first ever DNS on the start line, it certainly crossed my mind but what the hell, 10 miles in the LDS is 10 miles in the LDS. It cost me a day in bed afterwards but hey, it’s all part of the experience!

242 runners took part in this year’s event. The race was won by Duncan Coombs of DPFR in 1.05.58. The first woman home was Anna Hooghamer who pipped Strider Caroline Brock on the home straight by a meer 6 seconds, winning in 1.19.52.

Striders Results:

Pos Name Cat Time
40 Dan Cook M40 01:19:39
43 Caroline Brock WSEN 01:19:58
53 Alasdair Menmuir MSEN 01:22:25
56 Michael Slater M50 01:22:59
67 Joseph Buckman MSEN 01:26:17
68 Russell Stevenson M40 01:26:21
77 Al Cook M40 01:27:53
87 Andy Buck M50 01:29:05
90 Fran Cummins WSEN 01:29:12
96 Mark Platton M50 01:30:02
100 Lucy Broom W40 01:31:33
122 Nick Burns M40 01:34:45
134 Hazel Kent WSEN 01:37:34
160 Bob Grocott M50 01:43:15
181 David Parry M60 01:47:59
213 Victoria Hawkins W40 01:57:44
215 Helen Cain WSEN 01:58:45

Full Results:

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