Dam Flask: South Yorkshire Relay Championships

Race Date Tuesday 27 June 2017

The Dam Flask Relays have become one of the most important events on the club calendar in South Yorkshire with over 600 competitors and 176 teams (half of them women’s teams too!) from 19 clubs taking part. A massive undertaking for a Tuesday evening so a big well done and thank you to all of the officials and host club Sheffield Running Club. Thoughts go to the inhabitants of Bradfield who found themselves swamped with athletes for the evening. There are reports that the Plough had their business affected with people using their car park and other facilities but on the other hand, the cricket club did well at the bar. We must also thank our own team manager John Kilcoyne who had the headache of looking after the entries for 8 ladies and 14 men’s teams. What a great turnout for the club, well done everyone.

Over a 3.5 mile lap of Dam Flask with about 300ft of climb, fastest legs were set by Steven Bayton (Hallam) 17:15 and Sarah Lowery (Sheffield RC) 21:21. Course records are 16:35 set by Jason Ward (Hallam) and 20:01 by Calli Thackery (Hallam), both International athletes..

The ladies race sorts itself out on the first hill.

Without doubt, the plaudits must go to our senior ladies team of Caroline Brock, Sian Evans and Jennifer Rich who took gold nearly a minute ahead of Barnsley AC. Conventional wisdom has it that the fastest athletes go on first and last legs so Caroline was up against some of the best. Resisting the temptation to go off too fast she used the hill to claim back a couple of places to hand over in 7th position. Sian Elizabeth then hunted down athlete after athlete to hand over to Jenny in first place although this was no easy glory run as there was still hard work to be done. Our ladies ran 6th, 7th and 10th fastest legs on the evening. Make no bones about it, this is a great result for the club.

In the men’s race, Kristoff Boynton, James Rose, Jorge Bronze and Phil Skelton were our first team home in 7th place whilst the M50’s of David Wilson, Nick Scott, Peter Brown and Paul Stuart got bronze medals for their efforts in a close run affair as only 35 seconds covered the first three M50 teams after 90 minutes of action.

One of the big measures of status for a club is the ability to get its best athletes together in the same place at the same time for the big relays. The Northern 6 stage and 4 stage relays take place in the Autumn so now is the time to start planning and there must be a chance of qualifying for the National Finals. A big step up indeed.

Sian, Caroline and Jenny all looking very happy.

P Cat Time Leg A Time Leg B Time Leg C Time
1 Senior Women 67.35 Caroline Brock 22.51 Sian Evans 22.12 Jennifer Rich 22.32
14 Senior Women 74.02 Valeria Gasparini 23.59 Amy Housley 25.39 Simone Young-Alls 24.24
22 Senior Women 78.49 Jeni Harvey 24.55 Leisha Shiner 28.05 Claire Grisdale 25.49
39 Senior Women 84.56 Sophie Reale 29.23 Laura Fletcher 28.02 Charlotte Civico 27.31
47 Womens F35 86.40 Nicola Ross 26.08 Becky Chapman 30.57 Helen Wakefield 29.35
51 Senior Women 87.23 Hannah Cantrill 29.41 Rosie Smith 33.02 Amy Earnshaw 24.40
52 Womens F45 87.26 Caroline Welton 27.50 Louise Cousins 32.04 Caroline Greenough 27.32
65 Womens F35 90.48 Jane Evans 28.11 Dawn Jackson 31.03 Magdalena Boo 31.34
P Cat Time Leg A Time Leg B Time Leg C Time Leg D Time
7 SM 79.07 Kristoff Boynton 19:04 James Rose 20:26 Jorge Bronze 20:13 Phil Skelton 19:24
16 SM 85.00 Tom Meager 20:48 Jonathan Taylor 21:08 James Fulcher 22:24 Adam Brooks 20:40
17 SM 85.30 Doug Banks 20:57 Sam Needham 21:23 Steve Frazer 21:22 Tom Bassindale 21:48
23 SM 87.17 Matt Chappell 21:52 Louis Wood 21:39 Ed Startup 21:47 Richard Carter 21:59
25 M40 87.42 Christopher Guy 21:48 David Palmer 21:01 Dan Cook 23:10 Simon Bennett 21:43
38 M50 91.01 David Wilson 23:10 Nick Scott 21:51 Peter Brown 23:55 Paul Stuart 22:05
39 M40 91.49 Jason Brannan 22:30 Mick Wall 22:48 Colin Hardy 22:24 Ian Stinson 24.07
43 M40 94.01 Rob Betts 24.38 Adam McCauley 24.17 John Bridgman 25.00 Adrian Wilks 20:06
45 SM 94.56 James Garner 21:27 Dave Firth 24.57 Liam Russell 26.21 John Kilcoyne 22:11
52 M40 96.32 Mart Greenough 23:37 Roger Watson 25.32 Al Cook 22:55 Michael Squires 24.28
56 SM 98.16 Joe Dunne 23:09 Sergei Shkul 24.32 Michael O’Donnell 25.20 Chris Hodson 25.15
69 SM 102.52 Simon Hope 22:41 Jimmy Sharman 24.25 Andrew Buckley 28.49 Jude Stone 26.57
72 M40 105.08 Nick O’Sullivan 24.20 Chris Heggs 27.54 Loz Harvey 26.52 Clive Downing 26.02
76 M50 106.55 John Maples 25.56 Stuart Jones 25.10 Tom Nuttgens 25.57 Ian Spencer 29.52

Dam Flask Relays Results 2017

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