Fell Race Championship – Update 9 of 10

Here’s a snapshot after the ninthof the ten races in this season’s Striders Fell Race Championship before heading into the final race.

Full details regarding this years championship including the scoring system and all the fixtures can be found on the dedicated Striders Fell Race Championship page.

The full details, all the calculations and how everyone is scoring (not just the top scorers listed above) are available to view on an online spreadsheet.

This has been updated to hopefully make it easier to see where you stand in your category. Please be sure to take a look and confirm your own times and categories etc as these are copied directly from the race results. With over 200 participants last year, there’s sure to be an error so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you spot one!

Any queries or discrepancies with either the Road or the Fell Championship scoring, please contact us via ‘Website Issues’ on the website Contact Form or reply to the post that will go up for this update on the Striders Facebook group.

The fixture list for 2017 is as follows:

1. 29th January – Tiggor Tor
2. 26th March – Trust 10
3. 9th May – Burbage Skyline
4. 9th June – Castleton
5. 19th July – Bamford
6. 20th August – Crowden Horseshoe
7. 9th September – Longshaw Sheepdog Trials
8. 7th October – Curbar Commotion
9. 12th November – The Roaches
10. Any Trunce

Here’s a snapshot of each category:

Position Name Points
1 Caroline Brock 550.1495198
2 Fran Cummins 483.5617001
3 Heather Wallis 344.3276064
4 Helen Cain 251.0665146
5 Naomi Rabin 214.9453414
Position Name Points
1 James Rose 526.2847757
2 Sam Needham 489.3571198
3 Alasdair Menmuir 456.1087064
4 Andy Buck 426.9135615
5 Joe Buckman 345.522326
Position Name Points
1 Lucy Broom 506.5735669
2 Victoria Hawkins 226.0586812
3 Alison Barrett 94.62929476
4 Clare Trevitt 81.47533318
Position Name Points
1 Dan Cook 473.6200561
2 Paul Stuart 438.3549295
3 Russell Stevenson 426.4028442
4 Keith Bell 400.8473967
5 Alex Shepherd 350.2242478
Position Name Column1
1 Jill Davies 243.0124358
2 Kate Scott 74.76694915
Position Name Points
1 Michael Slater 452.6974866
2 Rob Davies 451.190196
3 Mark Platton 394.4943081
4 Tom Nuttgens 216.667302
5 Neal Pates 156.7765491
Position Name Points
1 David Parry 71.08967433
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