Finchley 20 race result

Rasce Date: Sunday 12th March 2017

A weekend trip to London mainly to see England thrash Scotland in the rugby meant no Grindleford Gallop for me this year. When my fellow rugby afficionados decided to partake in a visit to a Russian Art exhibition on the Sunday morning, it was time to seek a run! This 20 miler is the oldest English 20 mile race on record. If it started on the course that it’s currently on, I’m surprised it has lasted that long. The route was four 5 mile laps around the  housing estates of Ruislip, with a little ruralness added in. However, Russian Art v this race – this race still won out on least boredom factor – I’m such a philistine.

I was lapped by about 5 of the leaders, one of whom was Jonathan Poole of Serpentine RC, who won the race in 1.50.54. The first woman hope was Lucy Ashe of Harrow AC in 2.13.03. In total there were 383 runners with 9 DQs for headphone infringements.

Striders Results

Pos Name Cat Time
136 Nick Burns MV 40 2.31.55

Full Results: here


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