LDS update – October 2017

The year is coming to an end. The mileage from the club is higher than ever before. Collectively, we have now ran around the world in competitive mileage – pretty impressive I’d say.

The LDS is looking quite tight in the women’s competition. Naomi Rabin(272.5 miles) is less than a half marathon behind current leader, Nicole Brown (284.1 miles). Valerie Gasparini currently holds the final podium place with 256.6 miles.

Sorry, but I’ve made the men’s competition a bit boring. I currently lead with 442.0 miles. The race for silver however is tight with Paul Stuart in 2nd with 366.8 miles, hotly pursued by Adrian Moss in 3rd with 359.7 miles.

How many competitive miles have you run this year. Have a look:

10. Long Distance Strider – Oct 2017

Any errors or omissions please let me know

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