Long Distance Strider – LDS August report

Please, please, please do not allow me to get four months behind with this monster EVER again. On a weekly basis, I reckon it’s not more than a half hour task but multiply that by 12 and I’ve been dreaming about spreadsheets and numbers!

Anyway, firstly enough of my own self pity and secondly huge apologies for my tardiness in not doing this more regularly – lesson learnt, updates will be provided monthly and please hassle me if they don’t appear.

So, as a club, we’ve ran over 21000 competive miles this year so far – pretty impressive I’d say.

The Men’s competiton

After an injury hit season last year, Paul Stuart is back to his old tricks as he tops the men’s league with 308.8 miles. My excuse is my poorly knee has caused me to fall into 2nd place with 295 miles and Peggy’s dodgy sleep patterns and social secretary commitments have not stopped him mounting a challenge, currently 3rd place with 275.5 miles.

The Women’s competiton

Naomi Rabin’s love for running has helped her to smile her way through to 1st place with 208.5 miles. Interestingly enough 2nd and 3rd place is a battle between the 2 winners! Jen Rich wins on the road and Caroline Brock wins on the fells. Can they mount a challenge to win the LDS? Jen is currently 2nd with 169.3 miles (you need to do some more halfs, Jen). Caroline is 3rd with 159.5 miles (Caroline, you need to start doing some ultras)

As always there will undoubtedly be omissions both of race entrants and races. If it aint in the Striders results page, it aint in here! Please let me know if you spot anything, giving me as much info as possible, and I’ll correct it.

Full LDS spreadsheet to check:

8. Long Distance Strider – Aug 2017

Happy Autumnal Running!

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