Longshaw Sheepdog Trials Fell Race result

Race Date: Saturday 9th September 2017

A quick dash up to Graves Parkrun to get a complete soaking was followed by another dash over to Longshaw for the annual Sheepdog Trials fell race. £5 to enter the trials and the fell race is thrown in for free. However, with the weather being as it was, I think everyone who entered this race wanted to home as quickly as possible afterwards to get cleaned up and warmed up.

215 hardy souls braved the cold and heavy rain, conditions that can be classed as character building. The marquee was a warm place before the race with runners huddled together, keeping out of the rain.

The same race briefing as last year – the route was, ‘follow Stuart Bond’ and thankfully he got it right this year so no requirement to cut diagonally across boggy fields at the beginning. It was wet, it was muddy, it was boggy, it was slippery. There were numerous fallers, including yours truly (and Mark Platton as Rob delightedly told me) during the 5.8 miles. We picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves down and carried on.

The race was, as predicted, won by Stuart Bond of DPFR in 40.52. The first woman home was Anna Hoogkamer, also of DPFR, in 50.45. The weather played havoc with the timers and some times were lost but the only time missing from the Striders competitors is Amy Duck. Well done to all 20 Striders taking part.

Striders Results:

Pos Name Cat Time
6 James Rose MSEN 00:44:29
11 Sam Needham MSEN 00:46:48
27 Caroline Brock WSEN 00:51:23
31 Joseph Buckman MSEN 00:52:22
36 Alex Shepherd M45 00:52:53
38 Dan Cook M45 00:52:57
42 Russell Stevenson M40 00:53:36
50 Michael Slater M50 00:55:05
51 Michael Squires M45 00:55:17
60 Fran Cummins WSEN 00:56:12
69 Rob Davies M50 00:57:04
71 Mark Platton M50 00:57:14
74 Lucy Broom W40 00:57:35
77 Andy Buck M55 00:57:46
85 Amy Duck WSEN 00.58ish
93 Nick Burns M45 00:59:17
101 Andy Wier M40 00:59:51
133 John Rawlinson M50 01:04:49
135 Bob Grocutt M50 01:04:51
162 Jill Davies W55 01:09:30

Full results: http://www.dpfr.org.uk/results/view/4696


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