National Cross Country Relays – Berry Hill Park 2017 Results

Race date:  Saturday 4th November 2017

Well, the English Cross Country Association relay race results are out!  This stunningly well attended race took place in Berry Hill Park, Mansfield in really nice weather.  There wasn’t much mud and the course wasn’t half as wet as you’d have thought given the buckets of rain earlier in the day.

For the Senior Women category, there were 167 teams entered on behalf of 89 clubs, including one for the Striders.  The Senior Men had an amazing 235 teams entered on behalf of 119 clubs; we Striders managed 3 teams.

You would think with all this lot that traffic lights would be needed on the course; not so.  There were some really fast runners!

For the uninitiated (like me) the senior men’s races comprised four 5km runs (called “legs” in the results); at the end of each leg, your next team member starts until you run out of runners.

The women ran three legs of 3km each, following the same pattern.

The winning teams (full results linked below) were:

Senior Women: Aldershot Farnham & District ‘A’ in 29:48:05

Senior Men: Tonbridge Ac ‘A’ in 1:03:11

Strider results:

Senior Women ‘A’  Team Position: 75 (out of 128)

Name Leg Time
Tish Broomhead 1 12:47:65
Sophie Reale 2 14:54:20
Simone YA 3 12:57:35
Total: 40:39:20

Senior Men ‘A’  Team Position:  (111 out of 178)

Name Leg Time
Sam Needham 1 19:05.85
Louis Wood 2 19:54.15
Alasdair Menmuir 3 22:38.30
Matt Rimmer 4 19:34.70
Total: 1:21:13.00


Senior Men ‘B’  Team Position:   (166 out of 178)

Name Leg Time
Michael Squires 1 21:40.20
Stuart Jones 2 23:59.00
Richard Pegg 3 24:38.60
Keith Jackson 4 21:32.20
Total: 1:31:50.00


Senior Men ‘C’  Team Position:  (161 out of 178)

Name Leg Time
David Bownes 1 28:32.40
Dave Ansell 2 22:36.45
David Price 3 22:48.70
Keith Bell 4 17:19:70
Total: 1:31:17.25


Special mention for the ever helpful and enthusiastic Richard Pegg who did the hard organising work for us.

NOTE:  The names above are the actual runners; they don’t (for err … organisational reasons) quite match the results lists!

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