Northern Athletics XC Relay – Graves Park Results

Race Date: 21st October

The array of club vests on show were evidence that athletes had travelled from far and wide to be at a windy Graves Park on Saturday and you knew that they were not there just for fun. This was business, the Northern Cross Country Relays. How a club does in the big relays, the ability to get all of your best men and women out, is the true indicator of the status of a club and for once Striders made a good fist of it although one may have wondered what some of them were doing there among the elite…

I have been mentally scarred… the last time that I came last in a race was in 1995 at Welwyn Garden City when I did the team manager a favour and ran the 400m for a point. A lesson in empathy and what it’s like to be on the end of the sympathetic applause.

I’ll leave it to the reader to work out the identity of the author of the quotes above (clue, he came 74th). Hopefully no-one else was mentally scarred by their experience of running two miles on grass and mud…

Both the mens’ race (“The Cutlers Relay”) and the womens’ race were won by Lincoln Wellington AC in 00:42:32 and 00:37:23 respectively.

Well done to all Striders who took part and to the many supporters:

(NB in table below, P indicates the position of the team after the respective leg)

Leg Name P Time
Senior Men A 28 00:48:37
A Phil Skelton 31 11:38
B Adam Taylor 32 12:11
C Ben Jones 31 12:07
D Sam Needham 29 12:41
Senior Men B 52 00:54:27
A Andrew Davies 53 12:42
B Louis Wood 48 13:01
C Kevin Sibley 47 13:40
D Dave Ansell 53 15:04
Senior Men D 62 01:00:22
A David Beel 67 14:29
B Andrew Woffindon 69 15:36
C Martin Greenough 66 14:47
D Keith Bell 63 15:30
Senior Men C 64 01:03:49
A Mark Platton 61 13:13
B Simeon Cotterell 56 13:42
C Ian Stinson 59 14:31
D Richard Copeland 65 22:23
Senior Men E 65 01:06:59
A Peter Brown 74 17:10
B Stuart Jones 72 15:43
C Anthony Bell 69 17:37
D Richard Pegg 66 16:29
Senior Women A 43 00:47:57
A Charlotte Maddox 50 14:58
B Caroline Greenough 46 16:05
C Helen Cain 43 16:54
Senior Women B 47 00:49:48
A Fran Allen 58 16:09
B Emma Kingston 49 16:03
C Fran Cummins 47 17:36
Senior Women C 52 00:52:12
A Rebecca Shutt 53 15:13
B Mary Craig 55 19:08
C Catherine Mckeown 52 17:51

Full results: here


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