Sheffield Half (or the Plusnet Yorkshire Half) 2017

Race Date: Sunday 9th April 2016

According to the organisers, the Sheffield Half (Or as it is officially known, the Plusnet Yorkshire Half) is one of the toughest in the country. However, with the views from Ringinglow Road and Sheephill Road it must also be one of the prettiest, especially on a gloriously still sunny morning!

The club benefited from a huge turnout of all abilities, and also provided the pacers for the event. Particular thanks go to them! There was plenty of Striders based support out on the course as well – encouragement is always appreciated.

The race winner was Steve Bayton of Hallamshire Harriers, in a time of 1:09:25. The winning lady was Sarah Lowery of Sheffield RC, in a time of 1:20:23. Well done to the both of you, and everyone else who took part as well. It’s a challenge!

5772 runners finished the event, of which 196 (at last count) were Striders. I’ve added in as many Striders who weren’t listed as in the club as I can find. Bearing in mind the high numbers involved, I must apologise in advance to anyone I’ve missed! Just let me know if you’re not included in the table and I will add you in as soon as I can.

Strider Results:

Name Chip Time Cat
Benjamin Jones 01:21:26 M
Jorge Bronze 01:21:29 M
Kristoff Boynton 01:22:11 M
Adam Taylor 01:24:06 M
Simon Bennett 01:25:01 M40
Jonathan Cooper 01:26:12 M
Kevin Sibley 01:26:15 M40
David Palmer 01:27:25 M40
James Garner 01:28:00 M
Andrew Carrier 01:28:50 M
Michael Slater 01:29:33 M50
Doug Banks 01:29:53 M
Ryan Wright 01:30:39 M
Colin Hardy 01:31:18 M40
Nathanial Smith 01:32:39 M
Andrew Davies 01:32:48 M40
Colin West 01:32:48 M50
Christopher Guy 01:32:54 M
Michael Richardson 01:32:56 M40
Bryan Bradwell 01:33:09 M40
David Perkins 01:33:27 M40
Steve Smith 01:33:48 M40
Russell Stevenson 01:33:49 M40
Richard Carter 01:33:51 M
Alex Melhuish 01:34:14 M
Michael Greer 01:34:37 M40
Luke Desforges 01:34:45 M40
Nick Burns 01:34:49 M40
Andy Buck 01:34:53 M50
Karl Patterson 01:35:07 M
Phil Simon 01:35:10 M
Stephen Clarke 01:35:32 M
Rachel Rutherford 01:35:37 F
Adam Briggs 01:36:04 M40
Amy Duck 01:36:05 F
Rob Betts 01:36:30 M40
Stephen King 01:36:35 M40
Ashleigh Barron 01:36:52 F
Martin Greenough 01:36:52 M40
James Ogden 01:37:13 M40
Martyn Goldsack 01:37:39 M
Suzanne Bridges 01:37:58 F
Neal Pates 01:38:22 M40
Lucy Broom 01:38:29 F40
Philippa Richardson 01:38:34 F50
Neil Schofield 01:38:46 M40
Lee Kenton 01:39:12 M
Steve Haake 01:39:24 M50
Tom Childs 01:39:29 M
Adam McAuley 01:39:51 M40
Al Cook 01:40:07 M40
Christopher Barran 01:40:09 M40
Stuart Carrack 01:40:12 M
Jeni Harvey 01:40:36 F
Stuart Jones 01:40:48 M50
Alex Green 01:40:54 M
Nathaniel McHugh 01:41:10 M40
Suzanne Garnett 01:41:36 F
John Swain 01:41:50 M40
John Maples 01:41:55 M50
John Ashforth 01:42:03 M
Roger Watson 01:42:40 M40
Robert Davies 01:43:25 M50
Mark Ansell 01:44:01 M
Steve Irvine 01:44:20 M40
Darren Maher 01:44:21 M50
Trevor Burton 01:44:37 M50
Charlie Field 01:44:50 M
Ian Kennen 01:44:52 M40
Bob Pringle 01:45:15 M60
David Price 01:45:59 M40
Stephen Oles 01:46:07 M40
James Fletcher 01:46:18 M
Nicola Rafferty 01:46:19 F50
Andrew Green 01:46:33 M50
Sam Ainscough 01:46:34 M
Ryan Jones 01:46:49 M
Trevor Cleveland 01:47:15 M50
Matthew Gibson 01:47:16 M40
Anya Portus 01:47:26 F
Kimberley Bateman 01:48:09 F
Michael Smith 01:48:21 M40
Vincent Baker 01:48:27 M
Jo Carnie 01:48:36 F40
Katja Wodezki 01:49:36 F40
Jenny Lingrell 01:49:37 F40
Richard Pegg 01:49:43 M50
Gemma Thorpe 01:49:45 F
Rachael Needham 01:49:56 F
Damien Herbert 01:50:01 M40
Scott Reeves 01:50:28 M
Paul Ledger 01:50:30 M
Kate Scott 01:50:40 F50
Tom Nuttgens 01:50:46 M50
Alexander Arblaster 01:50:53 M
Sophie Hornsby 01:51:23 F
Anthony Bell 01:51:51 M50
David Smith 01:51:56 M50
Richard Giles 01:52:33 M
Peter Macqueen 01:52:35 M
Anthony O’Keefe 01:52:35 M
Ian Blackburn 01:53:25 M60
Loz Harvey 01:53:28 M40
Jim Lafferty 01:54:00 M40
Jane Evans 01:54:03 F50
Andrew Woffindin 01:54:37 M50
Mario Shekar 01:54:55 M40
Laura Fletcher 01:55:05 F
Carole Haste 01:55:21 F50
Nick Kelly 01:55:46 M
Asha Pritchard 01:56:25 F
Caroline Welton 01:56:36 F40
Fran Marshall 01:56:55 F40
Clive Downing 01:56:59 M50
James Spawton 01:57:00 M50
Craig Shaw 01:57:07 M
Eileen Needham 01:57:08 F50
Jimmy Sharman 01:57:17 M
Chris Hodson 01:57:21 M50
Liam Russell 01:57:50 M
Carol Beattie 01:57:58 F60
Ian Richardson 01:58:19 M50
Matthew Broadhead 01:58:36 M40
Richard Binks 01:58:57 M60
Sarah Storey 01:58:57 F40
Philip Davies 01:59:19 M40
Thomas McCart 02:00:00 M
David Parry 02:00:13 M60
Nicola Ross 02:00:56 F
Andrew Long 02:01:03 M40
Nicholas Bolt 02:02:10 M
Ruth Albaya 02:02:12 F
Daniel Lilley 02:02:54 M
Helen Keating 02:02:57 F40
Matt Barton 02:03:01 M40
John Bridgman 02:03:07 M
Richard Clamp 02:03:14 M40
Mohammed Ahmed 02:03:37 M
Helen Wakefield 02:04:08 F40
Ian Spencer 02:04:19 M50
Paul Reeve 02:04:44 M
David Bailey 02:04:45 M
Andrew Sneddon 02:04:55 M
Mark Bagley 02:05:12 M50
Matthew Surgeon 02:05:18 M50
Sharon Renshaw 02:05:30 F40
Leticia Hancock 02:05:34 F
Christopher Heggs 02:05:37 M40
Lore Lambein 02:06:19 F
Naomi Rabin 02:07:15 F
Helen Eberlin 02:07:24 F70
Emma Beer 02:07:54 F
Nancy Stuart 02:08:29 F
Sallyann Bingham 02:08:30 F40
Andrew Buckley 02:08:44 M
Jessica Allen 02:09:18 F
Rachel Anderson 02:09:53 F40
Tony Lyell 02:09:59 M40
Magdalena Boo 02:10:04 F40
Mark Jackson 02:10:05 M50
Caroline Storey 02:10:12 F
Terry Armstrong 02:10:30 M70
Kelly Knight 02:10:32 F
Catherine McKeown 02:10:49 F40
David Bownes 02:12:00 M60
Michael Starr 02:13:30 M
Angela Jackson 02:13:49 F50
Karen Smith 02:15:05 F40
Joanne Graham 02:16:16 F40
Fionuala Creagh 02:17:03 F60
Neil Teather 02:17:16 M40
Rachel Smith 02:20:20 F40
James Chaffer 02:20:25 M40
Stephen Gilmer 02:20:45 M
John Liddle 02:22:00 M40
Richard Slater 02:22:14 M40
Cameron Black 02:22:25 M40
Sophie Moyses 02:22:58 F
Kieran Surgeon 02:22:58 M
David Denton 02:24:07 M60
Stuart Paterson 02:25:38 M40
Nicole Nield 02:25:47 F60
Ronald Ward 02:26:35 M70
Laura White 02:28:01 F
Jane Naylor 02:28:17 F
Gayle Dooley 02:29:13 F40
Phil Dooley 02:29:13 M40
Catherine Needham 02:29:26 F
Rachel Rea 02:29:51 F
Sarah Schofield 02:29:55 F40
Helen Smith 02:30:13 F
Caroline Woods-Peel 02:34:49 F40
Graham Nield 02:37:02 M60
Emma Portus 02:40:10 F
Lucy Barnett 02:41:55 F
Zoe Dickinson 02:47:13 F40
Richard Garton 02:58:28 M50

Full results available online.

The obligatory group photo before the start…

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