Thursday Strength and Speed schedule Q2 2017

Below are the details for the Thursday night Hillsborough Strength and Speed sessions through Q2 2017.

Date Session Description, (recovery) and [location]
06-Apr-17 Downhill Running Gain confidence and technique running downhill ahead of the Sheffield Half Marathon
13-Apr-17 Big Loop Laps 6 x laps (1 min static recovery) [Big loop from swings]
20-Apr-17 Langsett Ave Reverse 6 Efforts (jog recovery) [TOP/back, Airedale/back, Milden/back, Grove/back, Marcliffe/back, Don/back]
27-Apr-17 Short Slow Hills 12 x 1 min hills (1:30 jog recovery) [Swings upwards]
04-May-17 Tennis Court Paarlauf 30 minute paired session (jog recovery) [Loop around Tennis Courts]
11-May-17 Big Loop Pyramid 3 min, 4, 5, 4, 3,min (1 min walk recovery) [Big loop from swings]
18-May-17 Long Hills 5 x 3 mins (jog recovery) [Herries Road]
25-May-17 One Minute 12 x 1 min (1 min recovery) [Big loop from swings]
01-Jun-17 Middlewood Hills 7 Efforts (jog recovery) [Carlton, Crofton, Darwin, Harris, Marion, Withens, Rockley]
08-Jun-17 Big Loop Paarlauf 30 minute paired session (jog recovery) [Big loop from swings]
15-Jun-17 Thursday Night Birthday One year since we launched…… so will be a Coaches Surprise!!
22-Jun-17 Hill Sprints 3 x 10 sec, 20 sec, 30 sec with 2 mins off, so 9 efforts (jog recovery) [swings upwards]
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