Thursday Strength & Speed Schedule Q4 2017

Below are the details for the Thursday night Hillsborough Strength and Speed sessions through Q4 2017 taking us up until the end of the year.

Note: No break over the Christmas period, we just keep on going. 🙂

Date Session Description, (recovery) and [location]
28-Sep-17 Big Loop Billats 16 x 30 sec (30 sec easy recovery) [Big loop from swings]
05-Oct-17 Langsett Ave 6 Efforts (jog recovery) [Don/back, Marcliffe/back, Grove/back, Milden/back, Airedale/back, TOP]
12-Oct-17 Stars on 45 8 x 45 sec (2 mins easy recovery) [Big loop from swings]
19-Oct-17 Kenyan Hills 30 mins continuous loop [floodlit hilly short loop]
26-Oct-17 Economy Strides 10 x 20 sec bursts (2 minutes easy running recovery) [Big loop from swings]
02-Nov-17 Long Hills 5 x 3 mins (jog recovery) [Herries Road]
09-Nov-17 Seiler Reps 5 x 4 mins (2 min easy recovery) [Big loop from swings]
16-Nov-17 The Don 8 x 1 min (1 min jog recovery) [Don Avenue]
23-Nov-17 Big Loop Laps 6 x laps (1 min static recovery) [Big loop from swings]
30-Nov-17 Up then Flat 5 x 10 sec hill (2 min walk) / 5 x 20 sec flat (2 min walk) [swings upwards / flat]
07-Dec-17 Middlewood Hills 7 Efforts (jog recovery) [Carlton, Crofton, Darwin, Harris, Marion, Withens, Rockley]
14-Dec-17 Dirty 30’s 10 x 30 sec (2 min easy recovery) [Big loop from swings]
21-Dec-17 Fartlek Laps 30 minute Tempo Fartlek with lapped work bouts (and recovery) [Floodlit hilly short loop]
28-Dec-17 Christmas Special Ho, Ho, Ho. See what Santa brings to work off those Mince Pies
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