Trunce 9

Race Date: Monday 4th September 2017

The Trunce needs no introduction really, but for those not in the know it’s a short race over mixed terrain that happens 9 times a year, not all that far from Penistone. It includes some challenging fell like ascents and descents and 3 river crossings (well, 4 if you include a little footbridge).

It is in the Striders fell championship (you have to complete one out of the 9 races), so as such the last race attracted a few wannabe contenders including James Rose, Paul Stuart & myself. Race 9 is a dress up event for those that want to hamper themselves, so all good fun. There were also commemorative T-shirts available as it was the end of the 50th Trunce season.

A shorter junior race takes place alongside the senior one. The winner of the senior race was Tom Saville of DPFR, in a time of 23:20. The winning lady was Ellie Crownshaw of Bradfield, in a time of 29:20.

342 juniors and seniors took part, of which 21 were listed as Striders (22 if Paul Stuart is included – but he ran without a number and hasn’t been included in the results as of yet). Well done everyone. The Striders results follow.

6 Sam Needham Male 00:25:38
7 James Rose Male 00:25:53
25 Matt Rimmer Vet Male 00:28:55
34 Michael Slater Vet Male 50 00:30:05
42 Sam Ainscough Male 00:31:05
43 Rob Davies Vet Male 50 00:31:08
85 Tom Nuttgens Vet Male 50 00:34:32
89 Nicola Rafferty Vet Female 50 00:34:45
90 Nick Hails Vet Male 00:34:48
94 Rachael May Female 00:35:25
104 Martin Greenough Vet Male 00:36:42
142 Caroline Greenough Vet Female 00:40:33
159 Thomas Mccart Male 00:41:52
172 Dan Murphy Male 00:43:15
174 Rebcah Krain Female 00:43:30
183 Stuart Jones Vet Male 50 00:44:56
194 Philippa Moorhead Vet Female 50 00:46:54
215 Victoria Hawkins Vet Female 00:49:25
219 Rachel Smith Vet Female 00:49:47
221 Ben Jones Male 00:49:51
249 Nicole Nield Vet Female 60 00:52:51

Steve Frith of Mossie Net fame was there. Please consider donating! Some people took it more seriously than others! 🙂

Full results available here:

Fancy season result graphs are also on the website. Here’s a taster of the MV50 one (almost) starring Rob Davies:

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