Wolf’s Pit fell race result

Race Date: Sunday 19th March 2017

Mmmmm, Dronfield 10k or Wolf’s Pit. If there was ever a decision to be made, Dewsbury 10k made it for me. Wolf’s Pit all the way. 5,6 miles with 1476 feet of elevation – or 7 times that of Dronfield 10k to put it into perspective – with a head wind to boot.

This race can be described in one word: awesome. An immediate climb in a headwind to the top of the plateau, a tail wind round the back of the plateau, down, up, down towards the finish but no….. up again before a mentally fast descent. For about 5 seconds my watch said I was doing a 2.30 minute mile.

The route guidance: follow Stuart Bond! He won in 42.22. The first woman home was Caitlin Rice of Ribble Valley Harriers in 48.19. I wonder how many times that winning combo has come up.

Well done to all the Striders taking part. There were some awesome efforts put in out there.

Striders Results:

Pos Name Cat Time
52 Alasdair Menmuir M Sen 51.02
120 Ian Stinson MV 40 56.04
123 Simeon Cotterell M Sen 56.26
134 Andy Buck MV 50 57.29
137 Nick Burns MV 40 57.38
161 James Norton M Sen 1.00.02
174 Keith Bell MV 40 1.00.52
191 Andy Green MV 50 1.02.02
235 Heather Wallis F Sen 1.05.13
269 Vicky Hawkins FV 40 1.09.58

Full Results: here

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