Amble’s Revenge Result

Race Date: 30th December

7.8 miles

Amble’s revenge is a multi-terrain race organised by Penistone Footpath Runners held on the last Sunday of the year(a reverse of the Hunshelf Amble race which is held in summer).

A fast start goes along the flat TPT from the top of the trunce field to just before the tunnel but after that things get decidedly hillier and muddier with some grand views from high above Stocksbridge and some fun off road descents. The finishing mile and a half is downhill and fast again and will be familiar to all truncers.

The balmy conditions (over 10 degrees C) may have contributed to the record turnout with 272 finishers including a dozen striders keen to run off the Christmas excesses:

46 Michael Squires 01:06:31 MV40
54 Chris Hodson 01:07:38 MV50
87 Claire Grisdale 01:11:10 FSEN
105 Neil Pates 01:14:32 MV50
120 Nick Hails 01:16:03 MV40
130 Caroline French 01:17:22 FV40
131 Mark Platton 01:17:25 MV50
178 Mark Dickinson 01:27:31 MV50
185 Naomi Rabin 01:28:47 FSEN
190 Bob Grocutt 01:29:12 MV50
240 Rosie Smith 01:40:28 FSEN
241 Shane Porteous 01:40:28 MV40

full results:

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