Asda Foundation Hull 10K

Race date: 10th June 2018

Reading the organiser’s blog this race was apparently an overwhelming success but the first thing that strikes you about it is the route with sixty six bends or corners to negotiate. That’s one every 150m which is a joke and can only be described as intestinal. Certainly not a pb course and a route apparently designed with scant regard for the athletes taking part. Otherwise however reports are that organisation was excellent.

Looking through the results this is another race where club affiliations have not been provided although why it’s given for some and not for others is unclear and doesn’t go down as excellent organisation in our book. So, according to the results, no Striders ran the 10k but it is known that Matt Connell ran a pb.  On another course he could have run 38 minutes something so a carrot there for him to go and get. It’s a pity that he’s now into training for the York Marathon so  opportunities for racing will be limited with his long run taking precendence for the next 18 weeks.

Slowing to negotiate one of the myriad of turns on the 10k, some may have noticed one of Hull’s cream coloured telephone boxes. When the telephone network was nationalised in 1912, Hull Corporation retained control of its telephone service hence the distinctive colour. The eagle eyed will also note that there’s no crown above the door. Proud of their boxes, new ones were installed when Hull was the UK City of Culture in 2017.


Chip timing, which is essential for a 10k with 2896 finishers unless you have an army of timekeepers and recorders handy. First lady, Katie Clark, managed 37:20 whilst first man to cross the line was Alan Oliver (Sleaford) 33:53. We think that we identified eighteen Striders but please shout up if any errors or omissions have been made.

P Name Cat Time
54 Matt Connell SM 39:43 (39:47)
56 John Swain M40 39:37 (39:53)
77 Richard Wood M40 41:31 (41:08)
102 Hannah Cantrill SF 42:42 (42:19)
455 Nicholas Bolt SM 49:58 (49:43)
582 Angela Smith SF 52:19 (51:01)
856 John Walker M40 55:23 (52:33)
1157 Robert Foster M40 59:29 (57:13)
1183 Mark Norman M40 59:29 (57:13)
1302 James Smith M40 60:54 (56:43)
1416 Richard Smith SM 62:02 (59:24)
1596 Michael Smith M40 64:26 (58:33)
1606 Paul Johnson M40 64:30 (57:46)
1651 Richard Wood M60 65:02 (60:45)
1725 Rebecca Chapman F40 65:56 (61:16)
1928 Laura Hogg SF 68:34 (62:13)
2221 James Johnson SM 73:06 (77:47)
2586 Julie White F40 82:02 (74:37)

Link to the results Run for All Hull 10k

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