Barnsley AC Winter Track Series 10k result and report by Tom Halloway

Race Date: Wednesday 7th February 2018

Barnsley 10,000m is part of the winter track series that Barnsley AC host with at at little track known as Dorothy Hyman. A little history, Striders vet Pete Wakefield (My great uncle) was the first winner in the 10000m on the brand new track. He tells me it’s because Vets went first, Unfortunately that time was out of my reach on the evening.

They also host a 5000m and 3000m on two Wednesdays in January. The races are only pay for the track and get the race for free (3 pound). It’s a steal.

The races are seeded based on the time you want to achieve. The 10000m had a sub 42 race and a over 42 minute. The 5000m had 3 races and the more popular 3000m had over four heats.

This track series is a great way to test yourself, see where your going for the season and to get a race for 3 pounds.  Would recommend to any striders.


Male - Scott Hinchcliffe (Penistone FR) won around 32.28

Female- Fiona Davies (Rotherham) 36.58

I was 3rd in a New PB of 34.23

Striders Results:
Tom Halloway
M Sen
34.23 (PB)
Full Results:

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