Cusworth 10K Results & Report by Matt Broadhead

Race date: Sunday, 30 September 2018

Cusworth is yet another of those places near Doncaster/Rotherham I’d never heard of till there was a race. This one starts in a country park/former stately home, and runs a large lap-on-a-stick around (partially closed) country roads. The whole thing has less than 100m of ascent and is definitely a potential PB course. After chatting to some of the large Steel City Striders contingent, lured by the race being part of this year’s road race championship, I set off fast but not hammering it, memories of running out of steam at Wickersley on Saturday fresh in my mind.

After a couple of kilometres just outside 45-minute pace I was wondering whether maybe the elusive barrier was in sight, but my legs just didn’t have the spark. I spotted fellow Strider Kim Bateman a few places ahead and went into emergency “use a Strider as a pacer” mode. About 8km in I managed to catch and briefly overtake her, and threw myself at the sneaky hill round the 9km mark (I hadn’t been expecting that!), but she soon hurtled past me again and deservedly finished well ahead.

A free Snickers bar and a dayglo orange (long-sleeved) t-shirt and it was back to the car, parked in a field for the umpteenth time this summer, and home. All in all a good race, which boosted my self-confidence and my lungs. Definitely worth another go next year. Along with Dewsbury and Askern it’s probably my best chance of breaking 45 before I’m 45…

If I’d have been in better nick I could have got a PB here. But I wasn’t. I’d raced the day before and I haven’t been breathing particularly well. Not to worry though – I still did better than expected.

Winner: Lee Milburn Rotherham Harriers & AC 32:27
First female: Fiona Davies Rotherham Harriers & AC 36:57

Striders times’ in full:

Name Time
Phil Skelton 00:34:11
Tim Holt 00:38:33
Hal Roberts 00:40:29
Peter Webber 00:40:40
Michael Richardson 00:41:05
Simon Ross 00:41:54
Adam Mcauley 00:42:35
Simon Ellis 00:42:49
James Ogden 00:43:34
Jeni Harvey 00:44:02
Claire Grisdale 00:44:24
Helen Burgess 00:44:31
Roger Watson 00:44:34
Letitia Hancock 00:45:05
Nicola Rafferty 00:45:13
Peter Brown 00:45:28
Kimberley Bateman 00:45:52
Matt Broadhead 00:46:04
Clive Downing 00:47:49
Joanna Carnie 00:48:37
Mike Heselton 00:49:04
Phil Dooley 00:49:09
Dean Harding 00:49:31
Emma Brear 00:49:59
Caroline Welton 00:50:43
Laura Fletcher 00:51:00
Andrew Woffindin 00:51:50
Stephanie Street 00:52:04
Simon Gleadhall 00:52:22
Ang Jackson 00:52:24
Josephine Blewitt 00:53:31
Ian Blackburn 00:54:39
David Hewitt 00:55:06
Nicole Nield 00:57:29
Richard Pegg 00:57:39
Gayle Dooley 01:02:36

Apologies for lack of positions for Striders, the results don’t play nicely when filtering by club.

Full results:

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