Damflask Relays 2018 Results and Report

Report by Angela Jackson

Race Date: Tuesday 26th June 2018

This was my first attempt at the Damflask relays and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It turned out to be an amazing experience!

The men’s teams are made up of 4 with the exception of the M60 category, which is 3 people, as are the women’s teams. Each runner does a lap around the Damflask reservoir of 3.5 miles (plus a few metres!).  The route starts with a gently undulating and almost flat run down one side of the reservoir (for those that know the Percy Pud route it goes from the Plough Inn to the bridge).  It then goes across the bridge and up the hill on the other side of Damflask. This hill goes on for quite a while, although not too steeply. The final mile is a glorious downhill back to the changeover area.

The changeover area is a sight to behold, and I think my best description is organised chaos.  Incoming runners finish on one side of the road whilst the outgoing runners wait on the opposite side. Marshalls down the road shout which teams’ runners are nearing the finish so their next runner can move to the start area. The starter sets them off once he sees the incoming runner finish. The starter is continually shouting instructions to people to keep all runners in the correct place.  With the difference in speeds of the various teams, there were people on second, third or fourth laps all coming in intermingled.  I’m not quite sure how the organisers managed to record everything that was going on at the finish to come up with a set of results, but they did!

All the local clubs had put together a few teams but the green and gold was out in force, there were so many of us!  Everyone who ran a leg did brilliantly, irrespective of their time, because it was their best effort on the night.  A special mention to Nicola Birch who stepped up to our ladies first team on the day and the F55 team who came first in their age category (Jane Evans, Helen Eberlin and myself).

John Kilcoyne had the hardest job as he had so many teams to sort out and then juggle at the last minute when people dropped out. Thanks John!

The men’s race was won by Hallamshire Harriers in 74:15 and the women’s race was won by Rotherham Harriers (F35 team) in 63:03*.
* The South Yorkshire gold medal went to the ladies from Hallamshire Harriers who were the fastest Senior team in 64:59.

19 Striders Men’s teams and 12 Striders Ladies’ teams took part.

Our teams won 1st in the F55 category, 2nd in the M40, 4th in the F35, and 5th in the Senior Men, Senior Women, F45, M50 categories.

Link to full results here.

Senior Men

Pos Cat Pos Time Lap Name Time Lap Name Time
5 5 78.19 A Kristoff Boynton 18.32 B Stu Carrack 19.52
C Phil Skelton 19.53 D Tom Halloway 20.02
10 10 82.40 A Andy Norton 20.27 B Ben Jones 20.11
C Steve Canning 21.04 D James Rose 20.58
25 18 88.18 A James Garner 22.01 B Tom Meager 21.13
C Jonathan Cooper 21.35 D Doug Banks 23.29
40 27 93.30 A James Smith 24.16 B M. O’Donnell 23.38
C Matt Chappell 23.18 D Richard Carter 22.18
56 34 99.09 A David Forrest 22.36 B Matthew Burgon 24.33
C Ben Stittle 25.23 D Dan Newton 26.37
69 37 103.33 A Adam Newell 24.59 B James Fisher 24.00
C Guy Woodcock 26.14 D J Woodthorpe 28.20
74 41 104.53 A Steve Helmore 22.10 B Sam Ainscough 24.49
C Joe Lee 25.36 D Adrian Good 32.18
75 42 105.06 A Joe Dunne 24.44 B Tom Brookes 25.39
C Alex Green 25.00 D Mo Ahmed 29.43
77 44 107.14 A Ben Clithero 23.15 B Nigel Barnes 23.23
C Luis Bastidas 34.04 D Sam Keen 26.32

Mens M40

Pos Cat Pos Time Lap Name Time Lap Name Time
13 2 83.54 A Adam Brookes 20.26 B Chris Guy 21.27
C Matt Rimmer 21.25 D Tony Ker 20.36
31 8 90.11 A Jason Brannan 22.10 B Dan Cook 22.59
C Chris Bannister 21.31 D Steve Smith 23.31
58 15 100.57 A Al Cook 22.23 B Mick Wall 24.19
C Phil Dooley 26.59 D Mark Davies 27.16
67 20 103.08 A Mart Greenough 24.00 B Ian Stinson 24.03
C Andrew Lock 26.20 D Matt Barton 28.45
71 21 104.18 A Nick Burns 23.14 B Dan Bell 26.18
C Phil Davies 26.07 D Gareth Pert 28.39
88 24 111.56 A Nick Hails 25.34 B John Bridgman 27.20
C Phil Swirles 27.54 D David Bownes 31.08

Mens M50

Pos Cat Pos Time Lap Name Time Lap Name Time
41 5 93.42 A Terry Byrne 22.14 B Nick Scott 22.22
C Michael Slater 23.45 D Nick O’Sullivan 25.21
49 7 96.45 A David Maloney 24.48 B Peter Brown 25.49
C Ian Spencer 24.40 D Stuart Jones 21.28
52 8 97.22 A David Wilson 23.36 B Andy Buck 23.20
C Andy Woffindin 26.56 D Paul Stuart 23.30
80 14 107.57 A Phil Howson 25.11 B Ryan Talley 28.49
C Tom Nuttgens 27.25 D Graham Hague 26.32

Senior Women

Pos Cat Pos Time Lap Name Time Lap Name Time
5 5 68.15 A Nicola Birch 23.22 B Caroline Brock 21.55
C Frances Roberts 22.58
19 10 76.27 A Chloe Haines 23.40 B Rosa Sampson 27.43
C Leisha Shiner 25.04
39 20 83.52 A Amy Earnshaw 25.29 B Roxanne Green 29.13
C Lisa Higgins 29.10
47 22 86.15 A Sarah Moore 28.17 B Emma Williams 30.07
C Katie Hendry 27.51
51 24 88.22 A Vicky Barradell 25.17 B Nicola Ross 26.21
C Kathryn Axon 36.44
69 31 91.44 A Emma Beal 28.42 B Gayle Dooley 35.14
C Val Gasparini 27.48

Womens F35

Pos Cat Pos Time Lap Name Time Lap Name Time
12 4 74.13 A C Narazonska 22.50 B Jeni Harvey 25.46
C Claire Grisdale 25.37
46 15 86.08 A Fran Allen 27.53 B Magda Boo 33.06
C Sarah Cowley 25.09
97 28 109.43 A Corinne Howse 33.52 B Elaine Shortridge 39.55
C Jackie Mitchell 35.56

Womens F45

Pos Cat Pos Time Lap Name Time Lap Name Time
45 5 86.06 A Mandy Taylor 27.47 B Dot Kesterton 27.34
C Vikki McAuley 30.45
75 12 93.26 A C Greenough 28.38 B Dawn Jackson 31.33
C Gaynor Hobson 33.15

Womens F55

Pos Cat Pos Time Lap Name Time Lap Name Time
55 1 89.03 A Jane Evans 28.36 B Angela Jackson 29.39
C Helen Eberlin 30.48



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