Decathlon Sports Series 5k report

Race date: Sunday 2 September, 2018

Run report by Laura Fletcher

Decathlon Sports Series is now in its third year and seemed a tad quieter this year. I feel this race lacks a certain something to bring in the crowds… maybe the fact it seems to get shorter every year (along with the t-shirts) has something to do with that?

Still jokes aside it’s actually a good event, free entry, t-shirt, goody bag and medal. Family friendly and perfect to tag on a long run or just for a Sunday stretch of the legs.

The race itself is a 3 lapped route with a hill bang in the middle of each lap, but with a long easy downhill afterwards you can always find that extra push up the hill. This year was quite a warm race but there were plenty of Striders as always out along the route.

Well done to all!

(Decathlon don’t produce results or times for the 5k, as the aim is to be an inclusive run, rather than a race.)
Decathlon 5k 2018

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