Derby Half Marathon 2018 Result

Race date:  Sunday 3rd June 2018

This was the fifth (renamed) Run for All Derby Half and it was a hot (that means humid) one in a year of hot ones.

This was my first attempt and it all started well, apart from the bottlenecks at various points which caught quite a few out, including me.  The trip through (I was going to say “up through” but the total altitude gain on the whole course is only 36m) the town was interesting as I hadn’t seen it before.  Good footing (almost no potholes) and much enthusiastic route side support.

The rest of the road route was OK if a bit samey; mercifully, there was welcome shelter from the big shiny thing in the sky at strategic points, marked by quick and in some cases spectacular direction changes by overheating runners.

As you might guess, the water stations were a very welcome sight and I suspect that for some, mirages may have been an issue at later stages of the race.

For the first time in a race I saw a pretty large number of runners – entirely sensibly – walking at various points.  Being keen to foster intra-runner cooperation, I joined them every now and then.

The early results from the race – available here show that 2,640 runners mostly survived the course with Stephen Bayton (Hallamshire Harriers) winning in just 01:08:33 an amazing 4 minutes ahead of the second runner.  The first lady runner home was Sally Walker (Tipton Harriers) in a good 01:31:15.

The results show that 15 Striders finished the course:

P Name Cat Time
115 David Whittaker M 1:31:58
147 Sam Nunn M 1:33:54
281 Phil Mason M50 1:39:24
311 Ben Stittle M 1:40:21
330 Tracy Biney F 1:40:44
345 Michael O’Donnell M 1:41:30
431 Nicole Biney F35 1:44:01
939 Stephanie Street F55 1:56:37
1133 Richard Smith M40 2:01:37
1134 Emma Beal F35 2:01:38
1170 Ian Blackburn M60 2:00:02
1221 Emma Whitehall F 2:02:46
1489 David Bownes M60 2:08:21
1815 Lucy Barnett F 2:18:55
2142 David Hewitt M60 2:28:30


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