Dig Deep Whirlow Hall Farm Festival 2018

Whirlow Hall Farm Festival, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th August 2018

The Whirlow Dig Deep Weekend is a festival of running including ultras of 30, 50 and 60 miles (the 60-miler of which also includes over 10,000ft of ascent as part of its new route this year), a 12:12 and a 10k, all in the heart of the Peak District.  All routes are described as being without any “monster climbs” but Dig Deep quote between 622m on the 12:12 and 3,222m on the 60-mile version so all events represent a significant challenge. The 30-mile version is considered a good test for anyone considering their first ultra-marathon.

There was a good contingent of Striders in attendance including category placings for Mir Jansen (1st FV50 in Dig Deep 30), Ashleigh Barron (2nd in category Dig Deep 12:12), Dot Kesterton (2nd Fvet50 Dig Deep 12:12), Kate Scott (3rd Fvet50 Dig Deep 12) and Helen Eberlin (2nd FV50 Dig Deep 10k.)  Well done everyone.

Striders results:

Dig Deep 30
Position Name Category Time
52 Ian Stinson MV40 06:39:35
74 James Fletcher MV40 07:09:35
76 Mir Jansen FV50 07:11:55
77 John Rawlinson MV50 07:11:56
95 Nicole Brown FV40 07:55:27
114 Caroline Woods-Peel FV40 09:23:08
Dig Deep 12:12
Position Name Category Time
22 Ashleigh Barron FSen 01:53:29
26 David Firth MSen 01:55:32
33 Dorothy Kesterton FV50 02:00:26
41 Kate Scott FV50 02:08:08
77 David Adams MV40 02:44:15
78 Sallyann Winslow FV40 02:44:18
Dig Deep 10k
Position Name Category Time
9 Matthew Burgon MSen 00:48:19
10 Sam Ainscough MSen 00:48:39
21 Jacqui Herring FSen 00:54:40
33= Helen Cain FV40 00:58:53
58 Helen Eberlin FV50 01:07:15

Full, preliminary results, including the winners in the 50 and 60 mile events, can be found at this link

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