flame-coloured tafetta: Sunset Run, Cavallino (VE)

Race date: Saturday 16th June 2018

At his first edition I guess organisers weren’t quite sure about the route as different distances were stated in the leaflet, the website and their facebook page, going from 10.5km to 11.5km – which normally wouldn’t have concerned me but considering I hadn’t run further that 5km in one go for a while I was hoping to be at least psychologically prepared.

The race goes from point A to point B starting in Lio Grando e finishing in Cavallino, the route is flat and mainly straight, going along the beautiful Venetian lagoon.

My sister and I left the car at the finish/registration area, and signed up there and then for 5 euros which gained us a race wristband, a t-shirt, shuttle bus journey to the start and 5 euro voucher for the dinner stalls at the finishing area. We then hopped on the bus to the start area and once there made ourselves comfortable while waiting for the start at 7:30pm. It was really hot and the sun was still shining strong in the clear sky, so we were pleased to see that the organisers had arranged for lots of water to be available at the start too.

Girls on tour showing what girls can do.

Nordic Walkers took off first around 6:45pm and then it was our turn. Around 8pm the sun was setting, the sky and the lagoon had mesmerizing colours, the atmosphere was friendly but peaceful and the views were stunning!

Turned out the route was just over 11km and I manage to keep it under the hour which I was very pleased with, only Strider there I closed in 58’ 26”. My sister doesn’t use a watch but we reckon she was about 10 minutes behind me which is impressive considering she doesn’t really train J

The finish area was great, good tables space, good food, music (maybe too loud), good presentation.

I don’t think full ranking were published but this was the podium:



  1. Gobbo Matteo 39’ 3”
  2. Zennaro Stefano 39’ 57”
  3. Valentino Valentino 40’ 52”



  1. Paloma Morano Salado 44’ 30”
  2. Bettin Loretta 44’ 40”
  3. Pieretti Laura 46’ 1”


Prizes were rather interesting:

1st man and woman – 2 nights stay over a weekend in Cavallino area

2nd man and woman – dinner for 2 in a prestigious restaurant of the area

3rd man and woman – technical clothing item

Should you wish to have a look at the route, this is a short video taken on the night:


I would run the race again and recommend it if you want to spice up a Venice trip; but do keep in mind it will always be hot and there will be mosquitos too. Lots of them.

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