Graves Open XC race result

Race Date: Saturday 20th January 2018

What better way to open a 2018 competitive season than a 10k run around a 4 lap course in Graves Park. Hallam Parkrun was cancelled because of the ice so I decided to add a run there and a run back home into my Saturday afternoon. This included a rep of Cobnar which might not be the best prep but I was certainly warm by the time I got there.

What surprised me by this event was the poor attendance. Having been to the Northern Relays at Graves, with its abundance of tents, flags and people, I expected the Park to be buzzing. However, I got there and registered just in time to see the beginning of the women’s race. It was disappointing to see a start line of 18 participants, although it did include a few  of Striders.

The men’s race had a few more participants, but only 34, and with 4 laps of a 2.5km course, it didn’t take long for the pack to spread out and it was a bit of a lonely trudge. However, Andy Buck wasn’t too far ahead of me and I just aimed to keep him in my sights. I think he gained about 30 metres on me per lap so never got too far away. Well done to the 9 Striders who made up more than 25% of the field.

If you like XC, you’d enjoy this so come down next year. If you don’t, you won’t so stay home. Roll on the Northerns next week!

The race women’s race was won by Helen Berry of Holmfirth Harriers in 25.55. The men’s race was won by Dane Blomquist of Aldershot, Farnham and Disrtrict in 35.59.

Striders Results – Women – 6.5 km course

Pos Name Cat Time
4 Chloe Haines F Sen 28.49
12 Fran Allen FV 35 33.05
14 Jo Carnie FV 45 34.54

Striders Results – Men – 10 km course

Pos Name Cat Time
6 Ben Jones M Sen 39.24
17 Adam Brown M Sen 43.07
18 Richard Carter M Sen 43.24
19 Chris Guy MV 40 43.40
25 Andy Buck MV 50 47.44
29 Nick Burns MV 40 48.18
31 Stuart Jones MV 50 51.17
32 John Edmunds M Sen 52.18
33 Tony Bell MV 50 58.16

Full Results:



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