Grindleford Gallop race results (21 miles)

Race Date: Saturday 17th March 2018

I don’t think this route needs much describing. Perhaps what needs to be described is that it was run in the height of the ‘beast from the east 2’. Huge thanks have to be given to the organisers who allowed this to carry on whilst race after race was falling by the wayside because of the impending snowmageddon. The race was brilliantly organised as ever and hats off to the volunteers and marshals out on the course who must have been suffering a bit in that weather. At least we could keep moving to keep warm. For me, thanks also to the various Striders who were dotted around the course offering support as I ran past, was really very much appreciated.

The weather: other than rain (thankfully), you name it, we pretty much had it; snow, sleet, hail, tail wind, head wind (coming out of Chatsworth after 15 miles – was hard), blizzards (with snow coming from right to left, horizontally, as we crossed Curbar and Froggatt) and believe it or not, also blue sky and sunshine.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was laughing to myself as I crossed Froggatt. I’m so pleased I have been out with the Headtorch group on a Thursday night as we’ve come across worse weather than this so I felt quite comfortable.

Huge congratulations have to go out to Caroline Brock who continues to win most things that she enters. Brilliant performance. Also to Jame Rose for an excellent second place. Lastly to all the Striders who took part and either loved it (Jill) or hated it (Nicola). The male race was won by Daniel Haworth in 2.31.53. The female race was won, as stated above, by Caroline Brock

Striders Results:

Pos First Surname Cat Time
2 James Rose M Sen 2:38:38
16 Caroline Brock F Sen 2:56:44
61 Alex Shepherd MV40 3:23:40
65 Sergei Shkul MV40 3:24:15
68 Nick Burns MV40 3:25:34
83 Amy Duck F Sen 3:31:16
113 Fran Cummins F Sen 3:43:49
132 James Fletcher MV40 3:52:31
141 John Rawlinson MV50 3:56:55
152 Paul Johnson M Sen 3:59:39
174 Matthew Gibson MV40 4:10:56
178 Andy Green MV50 4:11:30
196 John Edmunds MV50 4:15:55
233 Jimmy Sharman M Sen 4:26:41
247 Chris Hodson MV50 4:32:46
248 Adrian Moss MV50 4:32:51
253 Jill Davies FV50 4:33:25
261 Nicola Ross F Sen 4:37:45
314 Heather Wallis F Sen 5:02:30
318 Roger Watson MV40 5:05:22
319 Richard Clamp MV40 5:05:24

Provisional Results:


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