Gruesome Twosome 10k Report by Gillian Allen

Race Date: Sunday 14th October 2018

Report by: Gillian Allen

After a thoroughly enjoyable experience in the Sheffield Way Relays, Emily and myself decided that we’d continue our running partnership and enter the Gruesome Twosome. It was Emily that brought the race my attention, we had the option of entering a 10k or half marathon. After looking at past results we decided that if we entered the half marathon option, the potential of a podium finish was pretty strong and hopefully the race would pay for itself.

Unfortunately the weather had other ideas and the day before the race we received an email informing us that the half marathon was cancelled. There were gusts predicted of upto 70mph and the organisers had made the decision to cancel the half and reroute the 10k in order to avoid woodland and falling branches. Our options were to run the 10k or not run at all. Easy decision, we ran the 10k.

The race takes place in a tiny village called Swollow on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds. However this is actually only the location of number collection and the finish, the start was a miles walk away. We parked up, made precautionary use of the portaloos, walked down to collect our numbers and then started our walk to the start line. I didn’t mind the walk at all as it helped give us a little knowledge of the route and acted as a very tame warm up. I’d studied the route elevation on the way over and knew there were hills at miles 1, 2 and 5 however knew little regarding directions. Once we’d made it to the start line we positioned ourselves just a couple away from the front and waited for the start. After a short speech by one of the organisers and a threat to be disqualified if found littering, we were off!

The first section was on the road. We headed downhill before turning left and along another road with a gradual incline. We’d started as the first ladies team however towards the end of the first mile, we’d slipped back into 3rd. This didn’t bother us too much, they were still in sight and both of us prefer to chase, rather than be chased. The route eventually came off the road and onto field paths. The majority of these were along the edge where you had the option to stay on the firm path and run single file, or brave the uneven terrain of the ploughed fields. In general the route was two loops with the final loop branching off and heading into Swollow. The wind was ridiculous! When the gusts hit us we were barely moving faster than a walk and unfortunately it seemed that the wind was always against us when we were heading uphill. Once we’d reached the top of the final hill it appeared as though we were running on sand. Thankfully this didn’t last for long, the route turned left and then left again and we were soon faced with a final small hill on the road into Swollow. We rounded a corner and could hear the tannoy system from the finish line. We put in a final sprint finish, cut into the local park and crossed the line hand in hand in true gruesome twosome spirit.

As we were filtered through the finishing funnel everyone was awarded a woolly hat in a choice of 3 colours (luminous yellow or pink, and grey), a bottle of water and choice of sausage or cheese and onion roll. For coming in 3rd we were awarded £20 each and a little trophy. All in all, pretty chuffed.

First male pair over the finish line was Matlock AC in a time of 36:26, first mixed pair was Lincoln Wellington AC in 41:40 and first female pair was Louth Tri/Cleethorpes in 45:07. Gillian and Emily clinched third female pair in 48:34. Full results can be found here.

Pos Name Category Chip Time
38 Team Steel Ladies FSEN 48:34

Emily and Gillian with the coveted third place prize

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