Handsworth Hobble 2018

Race Date 12.06.18, report by Simon Ellis.

Handsworth Hobble is a 5.25 mile trail race through the quiet woodland and fields just off the A57.  The flyer describes it as “undulating” rather than “hilly” but it’s a mixture of both with few flat sections and a similar number of opportunities for passing your fellow competitors.  It is reminiscent of the ever popular Trunce, although without that race’s brutal early climb or the river crossings.  That said it’s tough going, a double lap through the woods making up the main body of the run, with a particularly challenging finish: the last mile or so is a steady climb back towards the finish line amidst long grass behind the churchyard.  Registration and refreshments are to be had in The Old Crown Pub which, on as warm and dusty a night as Tuesday was, made it all the more disappointing that I couldn’t stop behind for a pint afterwards.  Back in 2016 I had only just joined the club and this was my first race wearing Striders’ colours and there were eleven of us.  This year there were 26!

151 runners took part.  The race was won by Tom Saville of Dark Peak in a time of 31:03, first lady was our very own Ashleigh Barron in 38:58.  Ed Startup was first Strider in 36:44.

Position Name Surname Category Time
10 Edward Startup M 0:36:44
15 Colin Hardy M40 0:38:10
19 Ashleigh Barron F 0:38:58
22 Adam McAuley M40 0:39:43
26 Keith Bell M40 0:40:24
31 Simon Ellis M40 0:41:25
34 Mark Platton M50 0:41:53
35 Matthew Burgon M 0:41:55
36 Leisha Shiner F 0:42:04
42 Amy Eamshaw F 0:42:58
54 Mandy Taylor F50 0:44:29
64 Clive Downing M50 0:45:04
67 Bob Grocutt M50 0:45:36
70 Ian Richardson M50 0:46:23
71 Rachael May F 0:46:24
77 Guy Woodcock M 0:47:27
86 Andrew Davies M50 0:48:08
87 Hannah Dougherty F 0:48:09
98 Ian Spencer M50 0:50:22
106 Sally Winslow F40 0:51:48
110 Simon Gleadhall M50 0:52:21
127 Matthew Winslow M40 0:56:38
129 Gaynor Hobson F50 0:57:00
130 Adrian Good M 0:57:02
137 Andrea Snonden F40 0:58:03
141 Dawn Jackson F50 0:59:56

Full results here

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