How hard can it be? The 2018 Winter Railway Ultra

Race date:16 February 2018 By Nick Booker

A great introduction for ultra running, only 36 miles (37.3 organisers like to give value for money) With food stations every 4.7 miles it felt strangely hard for a flat race but enjoyable. I think it was the camber on the track that found me out. 9 Miles, half marathon, 19 miles, 28 miles and 37.3 miles are the options but can drop down of need to as almost all the 37.3 miles runners did, with only 13 finishers.

The route takes runners along the banks of the River Severn between Ironbridge and Bridgnorth along the disused railway line where the views of the river are outstanding.

Nick definitely looking a bit leaner than he used to which isn’t a surprise really considering the number of ultras he seems to be competing in.

Organisers were How hard can it be events who have a full calendar in and around strop-shire; well worth a look. I  managed to get 3rd place only 50 odd minute behind winner Matt Balckburn

2018 Winter Railway Ultra Results

An added bonus is that the Ultra takes in Coalbrookedale, the cradle of the Industrial Revolution with the first iron bridge at, yes Ironbridge, and Abraham Darby’s blast furnace where, using French expertise, for the first time iron was smelted using coal rather than charcoal. Other sites include Blists Hill Victorian town together with a host of other things to do and see..

Abraham Darby’s blast furnace. The Worsbrough Road League race passes a similar, construction at Rockley Furnace although that used charcoal, not coke.

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