Helen’s Trust 10k Chatsworth result

Race Date: Sunday 29th April 2018

‘Busy round here today, what do you think’s on?’ said one cyclist to his mate as they filtered through the standing traffic waiting to get onto the Chatsworth estate. ‘Keep going, keep going’, said the marshal as we were nose to nose with standing cars going in – we couldn’t go any quicker! Anyone know the definition of being late for a race? Seeing Paul Stuart running to the start when you’re still in the car! Thankfully the race was delayed due to car parking having to be at the main house not on the grounds due to the amount of rain we’ve had.

For those not acquainted with Helen’s Trust, Helen’s Trust is a small charity which provides care and support to people in the last months of life who wish to remain in their own home.  They cover all of North Derbyshire and the High Peak and the demand for their services is ever increasing. So not only do we get a great race in lovely surroundings,  we also know our entry fee is going to a good cause.

The race itself has a flat 1st km, followed by 5km uphill, 3 km downhill (with the odd sneaky hill thrown in) then a flattish finish except for a 100m final sting in the tail. Free pizzas for the winners (I think – fat chance), free bakewell puddings for the first 250, free medal to all. Multi terrain which led to a few discussions regarding shoes with no real outcome. Stu Carrick opted for road (and beat me), Andy Buck, fell (and beat me), Me, trail and I’ll stick with them next year too.

The male winner of the race was Stuart Bond of DPFR in 34.42. The female winner was our very own Jen Rich in 41.00 Well done Jen. Well done to all the other Striders too and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

Striders Results:

Pos Name Cat Time
7 Stuart Carrack MSEN 00:38:04
9 Liam Turner MSEN 00:39:17
16 Jenny Rich FSEN 00:41:00
28 Andy Buck M55 00:43:55
43 Nick Burns M45 00:45:21
47 Paul Stuart M50 00:45:35
50 Christine Hicks FSEN 00:45:20
76 Simon Ross MSEN 00:46:29
88 Fran Cummins FSEN 00:47:24
108 Andrew Lock M40 00:48:34
124 Phil Howson M50 00:49:40
133 Kate Scott F50 00:49:58
143 Charlotte Civico FSEN 00:50:25
213 Mark Platton M50 00:52:25
261 Bob Grocott M55 00:54:24
289 John Edmunds M50 00:55:36
358 Emma Kingston F45 00:58:04
359 Victoria Muscroft F45 00:58:03
459 Ann Gayne F35 01:00:47
539 Luke Prest MSEN 01:03:04
766 Heather Wallis F35 01:12:30
786 Eleanor Bull FSEN 01:13:51

Full Results; here



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