Hell on the Humber

Race Date 19th August 2018

No strap line required, it does what it says on the tin. HOTH is a series of enurance running events that take place over a four mile  course on the Humber Bridge. There’s HOTH Mad Hatter in April, Halloween Madness in October, Ho Ho Hoth December plus this one which doesn’t seem to have a label. There’s a choice of ‘distances’: 6, 12, 24, and 36 hours with Nick Booker electing for the 12 hour version on this occasion. Nick was disappointed with his 15.5 laps and 62 miles remarking “… total respect for marathon runners running on the road for that length of time broke me, used to the soft trails, that’s the excuse for the low miles….” No need for excuses Nick as road races aren’t usually like this: the Humber Bridge isn’t flat, there’s the weather conditions as it’s always going to be windy up there and finally there’s the sheer mental effort of completing that many laps coupled with the logistics of getting your nutrition right. And some think that 10km on the track (25 laps) is hard enough.

P Name Cat Distance
2= Nick Booker M50 62 miles

The Humber Bridge: concrete, steel and weather and not flat.

No results. The thing seems to be a bit of a club as Nick got a version of the Roll of Honour via email. I have included a link to the website which seems to be stuck in 2017. Hell on the Humber.

The ‘winner’ managed 18 laps, 72 miles. Top distance over 24 hours was 104 miles with 132 miles on the 32 hour version

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