Idle Dash 2018 Result

Race date:  Sunday 15th April 2018

… another great, local, friendly gallop across about 7km of interesting terrain, in the company of like-minded folks and pretty reasonable weather by the look of the Idle Dash  Facebook page.  If you’re still wondering whether to take part next year, just go through the photos – “sumptuous repast” is a good term for some of the heavily laden tables on view…

The race took place close to Bawtry in the interestingly named Mission.

The organisers are Maltby Running Club and the full 2018 results are linked on that page.

69 potential diners took part; Jordan Street of Clowne RR had the widest selection of buns available to him as he crossed the line first at 26:10.  Caroline Colley (Lincoln Wellington AC) managed 33:42 to win the female race.

Table of Strider results:

P Name Cat Time
10 Stuart Jones MV50 31:58
32 Simon Gleadhall MV50 38:40

I’m really enjoying this…

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