Last One Standing race result and report by Nick Booker

Race Date: Saturday 9th June 2018

Last One Standing: the concept is simple. You start on the hour and finish on the hour and have to run and complete a 4.1 mile trail route in that time. You must run the loop and back ready to start the next loop or you are out. The race continues until there is only one person who has completed the loop within the hour. Stunning scenery and running through the night surrounded by Muntjic deer. I got timed out on lap 15 at 61.5miles (17th place). Winner was Richard McChesney in an impressive 36 loops 147.6miles. In the women’s category, Maud Hudson was the last lady standing after 82miles.

Striders results:

P Name Cat No of laps Time
17 Nick Booker MV 50 15 13.56.43

Full results: here

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