Liverpool Half Marathon 2018 Result and Report

Race date:  Sunday 25th March 2018

I thought I’d have a go at the Liverpool Half Marathon as I’ve never had a look round this particular major city before.  I’d also noted that the course doesn’t really have “undulations” and promises the possibility of fast times…

The weather was absolutely brilliant; sunshine, nice temperature, almost no breeze – eat your heart out Carsington!

The race itself was well organised as were the runners – everyone nicely thinned out (you know what I mean) very shortly after the start.  You start and finish just outside the very grand Port of Liverpool Building close to the Mersey ferry terminal which isn’t as industrial as it sounds.  The run route showed greatly contrasting bits of this historic city with including  streets, very attractive parkland and riverside scenery to help pass the time.

The support was great too with a plethora of friendly people all round the course.  I did pity the poor couple who were trying to walk their dog in one of the parks – imagine your normally quiet Sunday morning stroll with pongo being accompanied by more than 3000 runners, inevitably going in the opposite direction to you…

The goodie bag is of course secondary to the race itself which is handy as there wasn’t one.  In line with good practice, the organisers dispensed with the bag itself and runners ended up with a really nice gong, a banana or two, bottled water (I’ve lost mine), a nuts and chocolate box (guess which were consumed first) and a rather unprepossessing (in my case) white T shirt.  They also ended up with a lack of hands/pockets and quite a lot of juggling…

One stunning bit of event organising was free 24 hour access to a local gym – making showers and changing facilities easily and conveniently available, even for people who took in the scenery like me.

Back to the race itself:  Jonny Mellor of Liverpool Harriers AC came home first – by almost 4 minutes – in an amazing 01:03:36 (Jonny’s 5 mile time was 00:25:07 and 10 mile 00:49:14).  The first lady home was Kirsty Longley of Liverpool Pembroke Sefton Harriers.  Kirsty’s impressive times were: 01:16:29 (5 miles 00:30:00 and 10 miles 00:59:09)

According to the results, 4 Striders ran the Half Marathon – their times:

P Name Cat Time (5 mi) Time (10 mi) Time (13 mi)
469 Stephen Doherty M40+ 00:37:28 01:13:30 01:35:32
475 Tom Brooks MOPEN 00:37:41 01:13:51 01:35:18
1894* Paul Shelton M65+ 00:43:07 01:27:47 01:55:42
1850 David Bownes M60+ 00:43:18 01:27:25 01:56:08

* o/a position according to the results sheet…

NOTE:  the organisers confirmed by 27th March 2018 email that the half marathon course was some 400 yards short and have offered an unreserved apology for this.



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