Long Distance Strider 2018 – August Update

Here are the 2018 LDS standings up to the first few days of September.

There’s no change at the top of the women’s competition, with Nicole Brown, Amy Duck and Fran Cummins consolidating their podium positions, but with the field behind them closing up there’s little room for comfort.

In the men’s competition a summer of superhuman efforts from Matt Gibson and Nick Booker have seen them pull substantially away from Nick Burns in third place to create a huge gap at the top, and swap places while doing so.  Nick’s in first place but only 14-odd miles ahead of Matt, and given the distances these boys cover, 14 miles is but a stroll. Nick in third place is left trailing some 135 miles behind.

With still a third of 2018 to go, collectively Steel City Striders have raced, sweated and gritted-their-teeth through 26,079 miles this year – well over the circumference of the Earth, which is quite some effort.

As always all entries into LDS come from Striders’ own race results pages, and if it ain’t on there, it ain’t on here. If you see any errors or omissions, please let me know, and I’ll correct the record.  Mistakes do get made (occasionally!) so if you see something wrong, please do get in touch.

Long Distance Strider 2018 – August

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