Long Distance Strider 2018 – June Update

Here are the 2018 LDS standings up to the end of June (there might be a couple of June races not yet written up – if so they’ll be in the next update).

In the women’s competition Nicole Brown has raced into top spot posting a giant 95 miles in one go at the West Highland Way, May’s leader Amy Duck is pushed out into second place, and the final step on the podium is taken by Fran Cummins. With fewer than 16 miles separating 3rd place from 7th, and some very competitive ladies in contention, pressure for a podium place is very high.

It’s all-change too, in the men’s competition.  Matt Gibson’s impressive pursuit of LDS glory has been rewarded with a commanding lead in first place as it stands, with Nick Booker returning to the podium in second place, and Nick Burns holding onto third.  May’s leader Vincent Baker has been pushed out into fourth place, but only by a handful of miles

As always all entries into LDS come from Striders’ own race results pages, and if it ain’t on there, it ain’t on here. If you see any errors or omissions, please let me know, and I’ll correct the record.  (Please especially double check your entries if you sometimes enter races with a contraction of your full name – Vicky/Victoria, Bob/Robert – I try to be alert, but these are easily missed.)

Long Distance Strider 2018 – June

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