Long Distance Strider 2018 – May Update

Here are the 2018 LDS standings up to the end of May (and a little of June because this update is a week late).

In the women’s competition April’s leader Amy Duck is still well out in front, but there’s been a switch of position in the following places with Caroline Brock now in 2nd and Sian Evans in 3rd.

It’s a similar story In the men’s competition where Vincent Baker maintains his lead, but Matt Gibson has overtaken Nick Burns to move into 2nd place, continuing his heroic endeavours from April by posting an Ultra, a Marathon, a Half-Marathon, two fell races, and a five mile road race in May.  Matt is now only 1.1 mile behind Vincent. LDS veteran Nick Burns takes the final podium place.

As always all entries into LDS come from Striders’ own race results pages, and if it ain’t on there, it ain’t on here. If you see any errors or omissions, please let me know, and I’ll correct the record.  (Please especially double check your entries if you sometimes enter races with a contraction of your full name – Vicky/Victoria, Bob/Robert – I try to be alert, but these are easily missed.)

Long Distance Strider 2018 – May

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