Long Distance Strider – LDS – Final Result 2017

Well, here is what you’ve all been eagerly awaiting. OK, well maybe not but here it is anyway.

Congratulations to Naomi Rabin for retaining her LDS crown for 2017 running a total of 316.2 competitive miles, although 66 miles shorter than her winning total in 2016. Well done to Nicole ‘Ultra’ Brown who needed to grind out another ultra really to take the crown. With 30 miles in the bank already for 2018, Nicole is setting the standard for this coming year early.

The Men’s goes to me again with 467.8 competitive miles, a lot of those in Sept-Nov which nearly broke me. I am also down on last year’s winning total by 86 miles.

This is my last LDS post as I’m passing the mantle over to Matt Barton for 2018. Therefore in the 2 years I’ve been doing it, I’ve won both times. I suppose I better win next year too otherwise you might think that i cheated. 🙂

12. Long Distance Strider – Final 2017

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