Long Distance Strider (LDS) March 2018 Update

Here are the 2018 LDS standings up to the end of March.  I’m aware of a couple of March races that haven’t been written up yet, they’ll get included in next month’s update.

Plenty of racing in March has seen the combined total of miles rocket up to over 5,300. Great running Striders!

In the womens’ competition Amy Duck has taken a commanding lead, posting a massive 101 miles in March alone. 2nd is Sian Evans, with Caroline Brock 3rd.

In the mens’ competition Vincent Baker leads, with Nick Burns 2nd and Nicholas Booker 3rd.

As always all entries into LDS come from Striders’ own race results pages, and if it ain’t on there, it ain’t on here. If you see any errors or omissions, please let me know, and I’ll correct the record.

Long Distance Strider 2018 – March

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