Loughborough 5000m | 16th May 2018

Race Report by Tom Halloway

Race date 16th May 2018

Track season is now in full swing, already running 800,1500,3000m and now the 5000m. With 2 season bests and one PB. Tonight, was about testing myself before Manchester 10k on Sunday.

This was the Charnwood open distance night which there are 5/6 races during the track season.

After a small drive over to Loughborough, I arrived with around two hours to spare. In time to watch the 800m races and the 3k races so there was a lot on offer for the athletes.

Two races in the 5000 first sub 25 and the second race sub 18, PBS ranged from 14.50-17.00 so I knew a PB was on if I got the pace right.

The first mile clocked 5.05/06 slightly quick but that’s only going off what the official

Shouted out as I don’t wear a watch for track racing. Few laps went by running 75/76 per lap and I knew I couldn’t keep this up but I had to dig in and get the time I wanted.

With a Km to go, I was spiked and tripped now with blood running down my leg I knew it was going to be a tough ask.

Hitting the Bell knowing I was under 16.30 pace and all I needed to do was hold out an 80 last lap which I did with ease clocking 16.28.05 for the 5000m

I finished in 11th place but more importantly, a PB my 5k time has gone from 16:41 to 16:28

Now it’s onto the Manchester 10k where sub 34 will be the target

P # Name Time
11 594 Thomas Halloway 16:28:05

Race results here

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