No Hiding Place – Run Jump Throw

Race Date Wednesday 23 May 2018

This was the first of three open meetings hosted by City of Sheffield & Dearne A.C. at Woodbourn Road over the summer. With a range of track and field events a handful of Striders stuck their head over the parapet and had a go with some entering an unfamiliar environment with numbers front and back, marksmen, a starter dressed in red replete with two guns, electric timing and a strict protocol to be adhered to. The announcer started to berate one of our athletes before she realised he was still running the 3000m and not warming up on the track.

A warm sunny evening although sometimes breezy as evidenced by the wind speeds on the sprints.

3000m Race 2
2 Thomas HALLOWAY SM 9:32.62
3 Mark GRAY M45 10:11.04
4 Peter BROWN M55 12:46.02
800m Race 2 (BMC)
1 Sam Brown SM 2:15.21
100m Race 2:  -3.2 (Manual)M/S
5 Nick HAILS M40 14.96
200m Race 5: -2.0 (Manual)M/S
2 Nick HAILS M40 31.36
3 Lucy BROOM F40 33.79
1500m Race 1
1 Thomas HALLOWAY SM 4:24.91
3 Lucy BROOM F40 5:34.42

Interrogate this link for the full results Power of 10 Results Index

Some of the fields were not that large which is a shame considering the time and effort it takes to put on events like this, not run for profit like many road races but purely for the benefits of the athletes. There are two more events to come, details of which can be found here Run Jump Throw 2018.

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