Northern Track League result and report by Tom Halloway

Race Date: Saturday 5th May 2018

The Sebastian Coe Double

It was sports day all over again. I would normally be heading down to the British University Championships however my 10,000m race was incorporated into the Loughborough open, saving me a trip to Bedford.

I was running for my other first claim club on the track thanks for some swift work from our membership secretary but that didn’t stop me wearing my Striders T shirt all day. One person said to me aren’t you ashamed to wear that. The answer was of course not “watch and see our progress” was my next response.

Anyway back to the running, I was asked to do the Seb Coe double 800/1500m. I wanted to test the speed which at the moment is a work in progress.

800m came first, I was in lane 7 running blind until the break point. Sat in nicely behind a Bingley AC runner. Through the bell in 63secs, he started to pull away on the back straight. How much do I trust my sprint finish, not very but I knew I had something he didn’t; strength. I kicked past him in the final 100m to take the win. 2.05.13

A short cool down before the 1500m which I was hoping I could take another win It was a little faster than expected and my legs were a little heavy through 400m in 71secs through 800m in around 2.26. At this point I was third. Hitting the bell in third it was time to kick. There was nothing there. 1st was pulling away and I had pulled away from 3rd meaning I was 2nd. I once again kicked at 200 but it was a 2nd place finish 4.30.1.

Again a short cool down before my last event 4×400 which produced my first sub 60 in a race (59.5secs). Very pleased and ended a very successful day finishing 2nd team and in a promotion spot.

I would encourage track running to all Striders. The ability is mixed and a wonderful day out.  Next up Mark Gray and I travel to Loughborough for the 3000m. Anybody wanting to come along I have spare spaces.




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