Road Race Championship 2018 Update 1

Liversedge kicked off this year’s Road Race Championship, with 32 Striders taking part in the inaugural race of the season. Do check out the excellent write up by Jeni Harvey. Remember that it requires a minimum participation of 5 races before any eligibility to win a prize kicks in and your best 5 scores count.

Note down the following link which will be updated throughout the season with the latest results:

Road Race Championship Spreadsheet

It’s early days yet but the following shows the current position of our top runners. Full details are outlined in the linked spreadsheet. Note, Nick Burns and Michael Richardson ran the exact same time and hence scored the exact same number of points. Burns, as M is before N, you’ve been omitted from the spreadsheets ranker until one of you run another race!

Position Name Points
1 Jeni Harvey 101
2 Letty Hancock 96
3 Nicola Ross 95
4 Fran Cummins 94
5 Helen Burgess 94
Position Name Points
1 Phil Skelton 106
2 Hal Roberts 96
3 Tim Holt 93
4 Vincent Baker 86
5 Alasdair Menmuir 84
Position Name Points
1 Lucy Broom 107
Position Name Points
1 Tom Bassingdale 94
2 Michael Richardson 87
3 Nick Burns 87
4 Peter Webber 87
5 Adam McAuley 86
Position Name Points
1 Jane Evans 91
Position Name Points
1 Nick Scott 98
2 Stuart Jones 82
3 Richard Pegg 80
4 Andrew Woffindin 77
5 Clive Downing 75
Position Name Points
1 Ian Blackburn 72
2 David Hewitt 65
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