Round Sheffield Run 2018 Results and report by Arif Ali

Race Date: 24 June 2018

Arif Ali has kindly donated his blog post for use in the race report.

This was my first ever trail race, and was very nervous and anxious before this. I just did not know what to expect. This was also my first outing on my new trainers using Saucony Peregrine 8. Finally, my first race after Ramadhan, which too, so it was going to be good to see how my fitness was after all the slow training I did throughout the blessed month

As per usual, our day starts with the whole family getting ready, and departing to the event. The great thing is, that my family support me whichever race I do, so it was an early start to the day with getting the kids up at 07:00 in the morning. My start time was at 09:00, but was keen to get early to the park, firstly so that we can find a space for the car, and secondly to collect the dibs. But, as I didn’t really know the process, I was well early, and we got there for about 08:15. It was also very hot, so luckily I had my trail bag with a 1 litre bladder of water, which helped me to keep hydrated.

After collecting the dib, we were instructed, and shown how to use them. It was quite simple, just inserting the dib into a whole in a small machine that was a size of a smartphone. A few of us Striders gathered, and socialised, until our start times.

I started my race at on time, and set off at a reasonable pace, hoping to not tire myself too much, especially with the distance. I was hoping to keep a reasonable pace, to try and go for a sub 2hr race, on the assumption I can do a HM in a similar time. The first 2 stages were the toughest, and a few times I had to walk through to, which I didn’t think was a problem, especially the fact that I knew stage 3 was mostly down hill, and was going to be a bit easier.

Stage 3, although being all down hill and enjoyable to run, I managed to trip and fall over some roots. Fortunately I was manage to recover taking a few minutes out, and was able to continue on. My ankle seemed a bit painful, but smoothed out over the course of the stage.

The rest of the race went pretty to plan, and thoroughly enjoyed it, not too many hills to conquer, and not many trip hazards to contend with. I knew most of the course up until and including stage 6. So was going into the last few stages blind, and not knowing what was coming up.

Out of the last few stages, I found the Graves Park and Meersbrook Park hardest. Now people might be thinking Meersbrook Park is all down hill, why would that be hard to conquer. Well, that’s exactly what I thought, and I thought I would go for the best time possible. What actually happens is, that I was totally out of control and was not entirely sure how I was going to stop. Fortunately for me, I went onto the grass away from the path hoping to find more traction and therefore slow me down.

A couple of lessons learnt

  • Watch where you are going, when going down in Limb Valley, or any trails for that matter, so that a trip and fall can be prevented
  • Don’t go too fast down the hill in Meersbrook Park

Overall, thoroughly enjoyed the race, and now that I have these lessons to learn I have a score to settle, so will be back next year to beat that time 😉

1832 solo runners or pairs completed the event.

141 Striders took part with 33 pairs and 75 solo runners

First place was David Addenbrooke from Sheffield Running Club in a time of 1 hour 10 mins 11 seconds.

First female was Lauren Davies-Beckett in a time of 1 hour 20 mins 31 seconds

First Male Strider was Liam Turner in 1 hour 12 min 51 seconds

First female Strider was Lucy Broom in 1 hour 21 mins 56 seconds.

Well done to everyone!

P Name(s) Time
6th Liam Turner 01:12:51
8th Andrew Norton / Phil Skelton 01:13:22
12th Tom Hollawey 01:14:50
22nd Sam Needham 01:16:29
29th Simon Bennett 01:18:39
30th Hal Roberts 01:18:56
45th Alex Shepherd 01:20:57
48th Chris Guy 01:21:17
54th Edward Startup 01:21:49
57th Lucy Broom 01:21:56
59th Tom Bassindale 01:21:58
63rd David Whittaker / James Fulcher 01:22:30
81st Ashleigh Barron 01:24:22
88th= Jeni Harvey / Alasdair Menmuir 01:24:59
114th Jimmy Sharman 01:27:16
117th Fran Cummins 01:27:26
128th= David Forrest / Alex Turner 01:28:25
131st Caroline Brock / Amy Earnshaw 01:28:29
135th Richard Sayers 01:28:46
151st Paul Stuart 01:29:39
159th Matthew Burgon / Gillian Burgon 01:30:07
164th Leisha Shiner 01:30:25
168th Nick Burns 01:30:46
173rd Ben Heller / Steve Haake 01:30:55
183rd Rob Martin 01:31:38
206th Michael Richardson 01:33:30
207th= Lee Kenton 01:33:32
214th Dominic Sleath 01:33:41
224th= Sam Ainscough 01:34:22
249th Martin Greenough 01:35:52
250th= Saaid Paymanfar 01:35:53
254th= Robert Davies 01:36:06
259th Richard Strafford 01:36:23
262nd James Ogden 01:36:39
263rd Chris Hodson 01:36:44
264th= Mark Platton 01:36:46
266th Helen Burgess 01:36:51
270th Martyn Goldsack 01:37:03
272nd= Ste Doherty 01:37:07
272nd= Jorge Bronze 01:37:07
286th Michael O’Donnell 01:37:52
296th Jacqui Herring 01:38:35
304th Andrew Woffindin / Rob Betts 01:38:44
306th Kate Scott / Nicola Rafferty 01:38:50
346th Claire Grisdale / Joanna Fletcher 01:40:18
354th Clare Trevitt / Pippa Powell 01:41:02
355th Ben Jones / Oliver Jones 01:41:03
379th= Fran Allen 01:42:02
398th= John Bridgman 01:42:49
416th Philip Swirles 01:43:29
421st= Richard Smith 01:43:41
442nd= Ian Richardson 01:44:11
446th Liam Russell 01:44:13
458th Andy Green / Mazz Rock 01:44:45
466th Jude Stone 01:45:01
470th= Tom Nuttgens 01:45:04
476th= Richard Sands 01:45:14
489th Richard Pegg 01:45:45
540th Catherine McKeown 01:47:28
543rd Sarah Moore 01:47:38
553rd Lisa Higgins / Nicola Strafford 01:47:53
554th= Luke Prest / Sarah Allcard 01:47:54
554th= Manny Singh / Naomi Rabin 01:47:54
558th Mir Jansen / Heather Wallis 01:47:59
575th Mark James 01:48:29
584th Emma Beal 01:48:44
589th Rachael May 01:48:51
590th Christopher Barran 01:48:54
635th John Armitage / John Rawlinson 01:50:20
665th Keith Hague 01:51:17
669th= Regan Hanson / Cara Morris 01:51:28
675th Mark Jackson / Angela Jackson 01:51:36
677th= Sarah Storey / Lindsey Crowson 01:51:40
681st Laura Fletcher 01:51:47
683rd= Arif Ali 01:51:51
710th= Charlotte Civico / Sian Gulliver 01:52:38
723rd Richard Adams 01:52:57
729th= Ian Kennen 01:53:10
740th Paul Shelton 01:53:30
753rd= Ian Spencer 01:53:54
787th Andrew Pembroke / Chris Pembroke 01:55:15
859th Sophie Reale / Simone Young-Alls 01:57:48
894th Sarah Uttley 01:58:49
910th Jill Davies / Caroline Welton 01:59:18
915th Richard Carter / Kathryn Carter 01:59:32
928th Lucy Kirkham 02:00:05
966th Helen Cain 02:01:48
991st James Norton 02:02:44
1014th Simon Gleadhall 02:03:36
1019th Heidi Hargreaves 02:03:41
1068th John Liddle 02:05:33
1072nd Peter Brash / Caroline Brash 02:05:37
1083rd= Emma Kingston 02:06:09
1093rd= David Bailey 02:06:25
1111th= Keith Tud Jackson / Laura Hargreaves 02:06:55
1121st= Sallyann Winslow 02:07:16
1134th Tony Lyell / Sarah Lyell 02:07:42
1222nd= Caroline Greenough / Millie Greenough 02:11:15
1324th Nicole Nield 02:15:01
1361st Magdalena Boo 02:16:37
1449th Claire Bourne 02:20:48
1497th= Andrew Buckley / Clare Jennings 02:23:09
1564th Matt Rimmer 02:26:43
1604th Philippa Moorhead 02:29:55
1614th Eleanor Bull / Seth Kirby 02:30:21
1621st= Richard Copeland 02:30:56
1624th Gillian Pearson 02:31:04
1655th= Catherine Needham / Sarah Howson 02:33:47

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