Run Jump Throw meet 2 results

Race Date: Wednesday 20th June 2018

Wednesday the 20th of June saw the second of three Run Jump Throw track and field events. Ben Jones tore himself away from the visual delight of Iran vs Spain to set a personal best over 1500m. Being round a track, the course falls into the ‘flat and fast’ category. Tony Bell, representing Lancashire Race Walkers, finished a class second in the 1000m race walk.

Slightly sadly, no other striders took part and there was little representation from other South Yorkshire clubs outside of Hallamshire and City of Sheffield.

The events can seem a little intimidating but are a brilliant opportunity to take part alongside some genuinely world class athletes. Winner of the 400m race, Luke Thompson, was part of GB’s 4x400m relay team at this year’s world indoor championships and Toni Minichello could be seen scouting potential talent… The final event in this year’s series takes place on the 4th of July.

Striders Results:

1500m: Ben Jones 4:35.83

1000m race walk: Anthony Bell 5:31.23



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